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I would divide the MML course into two sections. Firstly, the language papers i.e. grammar and translation and secondly, the ‘scheduled’ papers i.e. literature, film, linguistics. ‘Papers’ is really just the Cambridge way of saying modules. I took two languages at A-Level, so in my first two years I had grammar and translation papers in both French and Spanish. In my final year, you take language papers in only one language and I have chosen to specialise in French. In your first year of MML, your scheduled paper topics will be broad and will most likely whizz you from Medieval Literature to contemporary film, giving you a brief insight into the literature, history and philosophy of different time periods and from different places. You will have one compulsory scheduled paper for each language. Then for the second and fourth years, you can choose three scheduled papers from a wide range of choices, including different languages such as Portuguese, Ukranian and Catalan, and papers in history, linguistics or classics too. I have found that the broadness of the course means that you are forced to look at work from time periods which you had perhaps already dismissed, maybe because you hadn’t really looked at it before, or you thought you wouldn’t find it interesting. I was initially apprehensive about studying a Medieval French text in my first year because it was out of my comfort zone and two years later, I’m writing my dissertation on some very similar texts.

The following papers are available to students taking Part II of the MML Tripos. The list of papers offered may vary from year to year.

Papers listed are those available in the academic year 2017-18.

All candidates at MML Part II must offer the following language papers:

  • C1 - Translation from and into the foreign language
  • C2 - Text and Culture
  • Oral C examination (held just before the Michaelmas Term of the Part II year)

Language papers must be offered in languages previously offered at Part I. Papers C1 and C2 may be offered in the same language or different languages. The Oral C must be offered in a language being offered at either C1 or C2.

Candidates must also offer Year Abroad Project and three further papers chosen from the list of scheduled papers (see below) and the list of papers borrowed from other Faculties.

No candidate may offer more than two borrowed papers. No candidate may offer more than one of the "Introduction to the language and culture papers" (marked with an asterisk). No candidate may offer more than one of CS5 and CS6.

Papers with a hash symbol (#) at the end of the title have managed numbers.

Catalan (Scheduled "General" Paper)

Comparative Studies (Scheduled Papers)

French Language Papers

French Scheduled Papers

German Language Papers

German Scheduled Papers

  • GE 8 - German literature, thought and history, 1700-1815, including Goethe's works to 1832
  • GE 9 - German literature, thought and history, 1815-1914
  • GE 10 - German literature, thought and history, since 1910
  • GE 11 - History of the German language
  • GE 12 - History and identity in Germany, 1750 to the present
  • GE 13 - Aspects of German-speaking Europe since 1945
  • GE 14 - German literature, thought and history in the medieval and modern periods
  • GE 15 - Modern German cultures of performance

Ibero-Latin American Scheduled Papers

Italian Language Papers

Italian Scheduled Papers

Linguistics Scheduled Papers

Modern Greek Scheduled Papers

Portuguese Language Papers

Portuguese Scheduled Papers

Portuguese (Scheduled "General" Paper)

Slavonic Language Papers

Slavonic Scheduled Papers

Slavonic (Scheduled "General" Papers)

Spanish Language Papers

Spanish Scheduled Papers

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