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Some journeys can never be forgotten. It reverberates in our mind again and again. I had such an experience – the memory of my first train journey. Last year my school had organised an excursion to Allahabad in U.P. and thus I got the opportunity to travel in a train for the first time.

The excursion group consisted of thirty students and three school staff. We reached Guwahati on 14th Oct. as our train reservation was for 15th Oct. by North-East Express from Guwahati. We got accommodation for the night in a hotel close to the railway station. The next morning at about 5.00 a.m., we reached the station.

Our train, the North- East Express was already on the main platform. Our guide was quick to find our berths. We boarded the train and quickly occupied our places. At 6.00 am the whistle blew and the train began to move. I was beginning my maiden train journey. A thrill of excitement ran through my veins.

I sat by the window and looked at the passing scenery. Within minutes, we crossed the mighty Brahmaputra River. It was a fascinating sight to see the bridge with its numerous pillars and columns. Thereafter, numerous rivers, bridges, evergreen paddy fields, enchanting tea gardens, vast plains, villages, roadside shops, etc. sped before our sight.

In the late afternoon we reached New Jalpaiguri Station, which is the gateway to Darjeeling and Sikhim. Some of us got out of the train to have a look at the station. However, we had to rush back quickly as the train started moving. The wonders of the big station had distracted us and we didn’t realise how quickly time had passed.

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The onward journey from N.J.P station (New Jalpaiguri) was a thrilling experience as our train inched its way through the enchanting Gangetic plains offering us wonderful sights of lush green fields, groves of fruit trees, straight roads, tiny cottages, huge factories, busy towns and numerous stations.

In the evening we visited the pantry car which was at the end of the train. We had to go through several compartments. In most compartments people were talking, reading and playing cards.

Children were running about and enjoying themselves. Many people were seen dozing away, while some were engaged in heated debates. At 8.30 p.m. our dinner was served. After dinner we continued to gossip. Many couldn’t sleep. It was our first night in a train. I was too tired after the eventful day. I retired to my berth and slept off quickly.

The shouts of tea-vendors woke me up early morning. At first I was confused. I didn’t know where I was. Slowly I realised that I was in a train on my way to Allahabad. Soon our guide came around and informed us that within an hour we would reach Allahabad station. “We jumped out of our berths and quickly brushed our teeth and washed.

After a quick breakfast, we packed our belongings and got ready to get down. At 7.30 am we reached our destination. Taking our belongings we jumped out of the train. As I walked past the train, I looked back and said goodbye to the train which had brought me to my destination. Thus ended my first train journey.

A Journey by Train

Tours, trips, picnics and excursions are very common. A journey by train or bus has great attractions for most of us. It affords us a chance to see new places and most interesting people.

            My college broke up for summer vacation on 10th June and I decided to go to Delhi. My uncle lives there. He had invited me to spend a few days with him. So I packed by luggage and drove to the railway station on a scooter. My father came to see me off. We reached the station in time. we went of the booking office window to get a ticket. There was a long queue at the window. My father managed to get a ticket for me.

    People of all casters and creeds were seen there. Secular India was visible there. The train arrived at the platform. People were running up and down to get a seat. Coolies were busy helping the passengers. The hawkers were crying at the top of their voices. There was a great rush. My father pushed me and I was able to occupy a seat. He placed my luggage in compartment. Soon the train steamed off. I made my father good bye.

     Soon the train gained speed. Very soon we were passing through the green fields. The farmers were seen working in their fields. They were sloughing the fields. Shepherds were grazing cattle. The children were making faces at us. We passed by many small and big towns. The train passed many bridges. The trees looked like running backwards. The earth seemed to be moving round. The clouds were in the sky. The scenery was very fine.

   Our train was moving fast. It did not stop at small stations. It reached Ambala Cantt. At 5 p.m. here I had come tea. Again it moved on. It stopped at Panipat and Sonepat. It reached Delhi at 9 p.m. my uncle was already waiting for me. He received me warmly. Delhi railway station is a very big one. We hired an auto rickshaw and drove homeward.

          Really the journey by rail was a very interesting one.

Essay No. 02

A Journey By Train

A journey by train is the cheapest and most comfortable. I had always traveled with my parents.  Last month I got a chance to travel alone.

There came an invitation from my maternal uncle at Allahabad to join the marriage ceremony of his son. My father had not time. So he asked me to go. He gave me some money and many instructions about the ceremonies.

I was very glad. I had to go by the Delhi Express. I put up my things in  a small box and asked the servant to bring a rickshaw for station. I reached the station one hour before the time of the arrival of the train.

I went to the booking office to buy a ticket for myself. There was a great rush. But the people were standing in a queue. I also joined them. At last I purchased the ticket. As soon as I got my ticket, I hired a coolie. I reached the platform.

 I saw a large crowd on the platform. I became nervous. At last the train came and stopped. My coolie took me from compartment to compartment. But there was no room. People  cried. “No room, no room”. I requested a gentleman to let me come in. he did so. I had to remain standing.

The train started with a whistle. The wind began to blow. I saw the scenery outside. It was pleasing. There were green fields. Little children were grazing  their cows and buffaloes. They shouted with joy. They called out to us. The train was running very fast. It did not stop at small stations. I reached Etawa in an hour.

The train started again. Just then there came a man putting on a black coat. The man in black coat was the ticket checker. I was surprised to find that there were six men in the compartment without tickets. Four of them paid double the fair. The other two were Sadhus. They were not charged. They were asked to get down at next station.

My train reached Kanpur. Here was the greatest rush. It is a great junction. Boxes and bundles were thrown in carelessly. A small child was wounded. A woman lost her box.  A man had his pocket picked. There was a great noise. I thanked God that I got a seat.

At last the train reached Allahabad. I was glad to see my cousin. He had come to receive me. We hired a coolie and we went out of the station. We reached home in a rickshaw. In the way I told my sousing all the experiences of the journey. It was an important  journey. I can never forget it.

Essay No. 03

Journey By Train

A journey by train is an interesting experience. Last Sunday I had an occasion, since I with my friend Satish had planned to visit Vaishanv Delhi Railway Station well in advance and after staying in the queue for about half an hour we got the tickets. When we stood on the platform to wait for the train there were thousands of passengers with lot of luggage; children, women , youth and old were all eager to board the train for Jammu. It was  a mad rush. Everyone tried to catch hold of a seat. The coolies know the knack of the job. All my efforts to board the train failed. It was impossible. My coolie managed to enter through a window and put our luggage on a seat. Anyhow  we reached there and sat down. All around the passengers were standing. There was not any space to move around. The things started to settle down when the train moved. We had a breath of fresh air. The train moved at high speed and we  were soon out of Delhi. It was much pleasing outside. The lush-green fields and tress seemed to welcome everywhere. The train passed through many villages, towns and cities. It was very interesting to observe the rural life of India. It was very nice to see men, women and children working in the  fields. The rural India seemed to be prosperous with all urban facilities available with them. Good houses, roads, schools and colleges, markets and bazaars were seen everywhere. The people seemed happier than the urbanites probably because the life did not seem to be so complex as we experience.

The train stopped at many stations. We took many cups of tea and enjoyed some seasonal fruits sold there. We had an occasion to make friends with some boys in the cabin. They were also going to Vaishnav Devi Mata. We shared some eatables and it was good to converse with them. One of them was from Bangalore doing a course in Engineering and the other studying  law in Delhi. We spent a good time and at last late in the evening the train reached Jammu. One of our friends there received us at the station and he took us to his home being very tired, we had a good meal and went to bed immediately.   

Essay No. 04

My First Train Journey

A journey is often a pleasure. A journey by train is also pleasure. A journey by train is much more joyful to me. It was summer. My school was closed. I and some of my friends decided to go to my sister’s house in Chittagong by train. We reached the Kamalapur railway station by a taxi. We bought our tickets and got into the train at 7 a.m. When the train whistled, the train started moving. I sat beside a window. The train left urban area soon. Then the train began running through the green field of the rural areas. I gazed and gazed at the houses, trees and meadows. My mind became cheerful. Everything seemed to be running. Then it crossed a bridge over a river. It was an express train. It stopped 3only at a few big stations. At noon we reached the areas of Chittagong district. I felt joy seeing hills. After seven hours, the train reached the Chittagong railway station at 4 p.m. We got down from the train and went to my sister’s house by a taxi. We enjoyed the journey much. It gave us much pleasure. A journey by train is a joyful journey. We shall never forget this journey. It gave me a lot of pleasure. We enjoyed the journey very much.

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