Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition 2012 Winners

Highest number of students from The Learning Lab win awards at Commonwealth Essay Competition

Singapore, 13 Sep 2013 – Fourteen students from The Learning Lab have clinched awards at this year’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, with one gold award winner receiving special commendation from the judging panel. This has surpassed the mark set by previous cohorts of students from the academic enrichment and tutorial provider, registering a two-fold increase from 2012 when seven students clinched awards.

Out of the 14 winners, two received Junior Gold awards while four others were awarded the Junior Silver. These winners stood apart from more than 11,000 entries from 58 countries and territories – a record-breaking number for the renowned competition.

Most notably, eleven-year old Charisse Kwong received special commendation from the judges – an accolade reserved for essays that were in contention for the prestige of Prize Winner and Runner-Up.

“Charisse puts her heart into whatever she does, and often sets the bar in class,” said Ms Vivienne Song, her teacher from The Learning Lab.

“I shared a little with her about my son’s secondary school experiences to guide her on her essay topic,” she added. “But the content that she came up with blew me away!”

In her approach to the topic “Is Change Good?” Charisse drew from her in-class creative writing experiences and approached her essay in an unconventional manner, taking on the persona of Change to explore the topic.

Charisse was able to expand her love for writing under The Learning Lab’s Future Leaders Program, an initiative that helps students achieve their academic and leadership dreams. With its strong focus on providing inspiring learning experiences, The Learning Lab has helped students to grow beyond their comfort zone and enjoy their personal agency to chart out their own futures. Even at a tender age, Charisse has set her goals on becoming a doctor, and hopes to inspire more of her friends to strive towards their aspirations.

Run by the Royal Commonwealth Society since 1883, the Commonwealth Essay Competition is the world’s oldest and largest schools’ international writing competition. Past winners include Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore and Elspeth Huxley.

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