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Watch Murdoch Mysteries "Houdini Whodunit"

The Houdini episode of Murdoch Mysteries, "Houdini Whodunit," is now available for $2.99 via Amazon's (new?) Video on Demand service. Amazon offers a 2 minute free preview that gives a nice look at Houdini played by Joe Dinicol.

Based on the award-winning novels by Maureen Jennings, Murdoch Mysteries features shrewd and forward-thinking Canadian detective, William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), who battles crime in late 19th century Toronto "with a cunning mixture of intuitive deduction and forensic techniques."

This episode from the second season finds the young Houdini Bros. bringing their show to Toronto. While Houdini is giving one of his performances, the bank next door is robbed and the security guard murdered in the process. Could it possibly have been the world famous illusionist?

Now you can find out.

Joe Dinicol as Houdini escapes a tight spot in Murdoch Mysteries

It is November 1917. The Great War is grinding on, chewing up young men by the thousands. Initially, in the loyal Dominion of Canada, people are mostly eager to support the Motherland and fight for the Empire. Men perceived as slackers or cowards are shunned. But the carnage is horrendous and with enforced conscription, the enthusiasm for war is dimming.
William Murdoch is a widower, a senior detective who, thanks to the new temperance laws, spends his time tracking down bootleggers and tipplers; most unsatisfying. His wife, Amy, died giving birth to their second child, a girl who lived only a few hours more. Murdoch, racked by grief, withdrew from four-year-old, Jack. This he regrets and would dearly love to make up for his negligence.
As we enter the story, Jack, now twenty-one, has returned from France after being wounded and gassed on the Western Front. It is soon apparent that he is deeply troubled but he’s not confiding in his father. He does, however, seem to be bound by shared secrets to another wounded former soldier, Percy McKinnon.
Murdoch suddenly has much more serious crimes than rum-running on his hands. The night after Jack and McKinnon arrive home, a young man is found murdered in the impoverished area of Toronto known as the Ward. Soon after, Murdoch has to deal with a tragic suicide, also a young man. Two more attacks follow in quick succession.
Increasingly worried that Jack knows more than he is letting on, Murdoch must solve these crimes before more innocents lose their lives.

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