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There are many competitive exams that involve essay writing. Scroll down to unearth some of the important essay topics along with some informative tips and tricks that can surely help you excel in your upcoming exams.

Generally, the demanded essays cover subjects from areas of Politics, International Relations and other fields related to socio-economic and cultural issues of the state.

Topic Suggestions

  • Worldwide integration and its effect on developing countries
  • Pros and cons of print and electronic media
  • Advantages and disadvantages of playing games
  • Role of youth in the climbing crime rate
  • Has the conventional male character alternated in last 25 years?
  • Severe penalties may help in decreasing crimes
  • Brutality on TV has an explicit effect on our children’s attitude
  • Impact of public smoking ban
  • Is it suitable for media report the private lives of superstars to raise their rating
  • Contribution of the USA in Pak-India Conflict
  • If women governed the world
  • Global warming
  • Child corpulence is disastrous
  • The role of rainforests in controlling the earth’s ecosystem
  • Terrorism and its impact on world peace
  • The contribution of social media in our lives
  • What’s the role of patriotism in today’s globally integrated world
  • Media has great impact on the mindset of common men

Getting Started

Essay writing for competitive exams is significantly different from doing it for your college or school. It requires you to acquire knowledge almost about every discipline of life. Keep in mind, your general knowledge and know-how in the field of current affairs will act as a basis for your performance in competitive exams.

Manage Your Time

Whatever duration you allot for your essay writing you have to utilize it cautiously and in a practical way. Make sure to at least invest 5 minutes of your total time reading the list of available topics so that you can decide one for you.

Keep in mind; you need to reach the introductory section within around 4-7 minutes of reading the topics list.

Structuring Your Essay

Before you start, you need to keep three important things in your mind.

  1. Always keep the length of your essay within the suggested word limit

Generally, a word limit is fixed in almost every essay paper. To know the exact word limit, it is highly advisable that you read the question attentively before you start writing your essay.

  1. How you will tie in facts and organize your essay rationally

While writing, make sure to be very clear about your prospects. We would suggest you to jot down all your ideas and important points on paper ahead of writing your essay. By doing so will help you structure your essay more effectively and accurately.

  1. And obviously, Adequate vocabulary with sound grammar and command on the language is a MUST

Don’t ever try to be verbose while writing your essay. Always remember, short and simple selection of words will grab reader’s attention.

Start Writing!

Normally you will divide your essay in three parts including a persuasive opening, a well-structured body and an impressive conclusion.

The perfect beginning Para will grab examiner’s attention towards your essay. However, you should not only draw the reader’s concentration, but strongly assert your opinion on the provided topic.

The ‘body’ segment of an essay should include the evidences regarding your arguments. Make intelligent use of statistics, facts and figures, quotations, opinions etc.

Last but not the least, wrap up your competitive exam’s essay effectively by summarizing the details you’ve discussed in the ‘intro’ and ‘body’ sections of your essay.  Make sure not to repeat things again and again. Do not include any new information in the closure section of your essay. Simply, conclude your viewpoints in the finest of words possible.

Million Dollar Suggestions

  • Invest in a good grammar book to learn all the language basics including tenses, paragraph writing, sentence structure, parts of speech, punctuation and all other elemental ingredients of English
  • Don’t forget to review the essay writing guideline
  • Instead of writing long, complex essays, try to write brief essays on simple topics in order to learn the basic essay structure and other essay writing prerequisites
  • Avert informal writing. Use simple language and always cite properly

Essay Topics for Competitive Exams – A Final Thought

Practice makes man perfect! Taking part in any competitive exam isn’t a piece of cake. Make sure to invest few hours per day in constructive habits such as reading or writing. Get your hands on all the latest available information so that you can handle multiple fields of study or generalized social topics with ease and perfection.

Essay writing is all about depicting arguments in a persuasive manner. Write less but write well. Take a cue from this post and amaze your examiner with your accurate and effective essay writing skills. Happy Writing!



Country or Region



Brevet d'Études du Premier Cycle

Study Type

Examen public



The Brevet d'Études du Premier Cycle (BEPC) is administered annually by the Ministère des Enseignements Secondaires, Direction des Examens, des Concours et de la Certification to grade 10 (ISCED 2) students in general education programmes in public and private schools.

Since 2013, students can register for the BEPC or the Bilingual BEPC. The Bilingual BEPC has a more difficult English language test, and does not include a foreign language test.

The BEPC/Bilingual BEPC is a high-stake and mandatory examination that certifies completion of lower secondary general education programmes. It is a requirement for students wishing to pursue an upper secondary education (ISCED 3), in either general or vocational education programmes.

Passing the BEPC/Bilingual BEPC allows reintegration of out-of-school children and youth into the school system at the next appropriate grade.

The BEPC/Bilingual BEPC is a written examination, administered face-to-face and delivered through paper-pencil tests. All test-takers are presented with the same cognitive booklets or tests, which are aligned with the national curriculum.

The BEPC/Bilingual BEPC serves the following purposes:

- student certification for completion of lower secondary general education programmes

- school or educator accountability

- promoting competition among schools, especially private schools

- sub-national level monitoring of learning outcomes

- monitoring education quality levels

The BEPC/Bilingual BEPC accommodates students with special needs, by providing the following arrangements:

- Hearing impairment: providing written instructions and tests questions

- Visual impairment: braille

Kind of Data

Recensement (tous les élèves du niveau scolaire ou de l'âge considéré)

Units of Analysis

Results are reported at student, school, sub-national and national levels. Examination results are broadcasted on the radio and published in the media.



The BEPC comprises 10 mandatory subjects administered in French, except for the English language and foreign language tests. The subjects and the duration of each test are listed below:

- French language, 225 minutes, 17% of the total score

- English language, 120 minutes, 17% of the total score

- Mathematics, 120 minutes, 17% of the total score

- Foreign language (German/ Spanish/ Arabic/ Reinforced English/ Latin/ Greek/Italian), 120 minutes, 9% of the total score

- Physics-Chemistry-Technology, 120 minutes, 9% of the total score

- Life and Earth Sciences, 120 minutes, 9% of the total score

- History or Geography, 120 minutes, 9% of the total score

- Computer Science, 60 minutes, 9% of the total score

- Physical Education, 9% of the total score

- Civic and Moral Education, 60 minutes, 4% of the total score

The Bilingual BEPC has a more difficult English language test, and does not include a foreign language test. The Bilingual BEPC uses the same tests as the BEPC for all other subjects. Moreover, in the Bilingual BEPC, performance on the English test still accounts for 17% of the total score, but test duration is longer (225 minutes).

Description of test items: Test items consist of multiple choice questions with three or more response options, open-ended questions requiring short constructed responses and essay writing.

Description of stimuli: Test stimuli consist of continuous, non-continuous, mixed and multiple texts.

Reporting metrics: Student performance is reported by average score. The minimum requirement to meet the national standard is a score of 10 out of 20, or 50%.


Geographic Coverage



Students enrolled in grade 10 (ISCED 2) in general education programmes in public and private schools.

Producers and Sponsors

Primary Investigator(s)

Ministère des Enseignements Secondaires Government

Other Producer(s)

Ministère des Enseignements Secondaires GovernmentTest development and administration; data processing and dissemination; programme development; financial support through ministerial budget
Households N/AFinancial contribution through examination fees paid by candidates

Metadata Production

Metadata Produced By

Ministère des Enseignements SecondairesMINESECGovernementData collection
UNESCO Institute for StatisticsUISUnited NationsQuestionnaire design, metadata collection, review and publication

Date of Metadata Production


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