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Biology papers give us an opportunity of understanding forms that are complex in life. This, therefore, means you will have the chance of fully understanding the plants as well as the animals found in the ecosystem. People are given assignments on biology so that they can fully research and have knowledge concerning the components of nature. An essay on biology also assists people on how to care and tend to themselves. These biology papers also assist in fully understanding how the world and humanity are related. An essay on biology will, therefore, assist in answering queries and issues related to biology. The tips from our academic essays writing service may help a person to make the work professional without errors and mistakes. A primary element to keep in mind when writing biology papers is always to have a biology essay draft that will assist you all through the writing process. Biology essay topics need to be detailed so that they can be differentiated from other types of papers.

Topic choice

The topics of the biology papers determine the points that will be used in the article. This, therefore, means that the biology essay writing guide is dependent on the topic selected. Ensure that you fully understand what the biology essay writing expects from you and create a biology essay outline that will assist you in preparing an excellent piece. Biology essay outlining assists in the construction of detailed articles. Below are biology essay topics that one can use in biology essay writing.

Biology essay topics

  • Are vaccines necessary in our system?
  • Omnivore’s plants
  • How did the dinosaurs just disappear?
  • Did the evolution start from the monkeys?
  • Which are the most intellect animals on the face of the earth?
  • Why do the male seahorses often carry the offspring?
  • How were the wolves domesticated?
  • The genetic mutations in plants and animals.
  • How the albino animals are different; is this trait also shared in plants and humans?
  • The process of aging in humans.

These are some of the good biology essay topics that you can use to produce an article that is standard.

Biology essay structure

The outline for a biology essay gives you clear guidelines on how to go about with writing the article. The biology essay draft should go in line with the topic that the writer has chosen.

The biology essay outlining is as illustrated below:

1. The title

  • The title page offers clear indications of the biology essay focus.
  • The title should be precisely phrased and at the same time based on the hypothesis.
  • Avoid jargon for the title to look professional.
  • The title should also give the reader a quick understanding of the topic.

2. The content page

This page is located at the beginning of biology papers after the abstract and the title pages. The page shows the numberings as well as the subsections on the essay on biology.

3. The research question

The topics for a biology essay determines the research questions to be used. The research question shows what the article is trying to establish. Keep in mind that the question is not the same as the title.

  • The question in motion should be highlighted in the introduction. The content page will give the reader an understanding of the article.
  • The question should introduce new ideas as well.

4. The introduction

The biology essay introduction is the most crucial part of the article, as it will determine whether the readers will want to read more of the piece or not.

  • The introduction for a biology essay should illustrate what is being argued in the article.
  • For an introduction to be successful, the contents need to be brief and accurate.
  • Another professional way of how to start a biology essay introduction is by illustrating how you reached the focus of the research.
  • The introduction should also contain the references that were accessed.
  • What might be revealed in the study should also be highlighted in the opening section.

5. The investigation

The study section gives you the chance of illustrating on how the data was selected as well as its reliability.

  • You need to clearly explain, describe and justify the choice of collecting primary data.
  • Don’t forget to state sources of the experiments. The method used should be detailed. Someone would want to repeat the same procedure.
  • Ensure that the investigations are ethical and not cruel.

6. The analysis

  • The body is the meat of the literature essay. The body covers most of the article. A common way of how to write a biology essay body is by using at least three paragraphs.
  • The biology essay tips need to be relevant to the research question being discussed. The points should also give assertion to the reader.
  • Highlight on the biology essay prompts as well. Elaborate on how the ideas have been used to support the question in the essay on biology.
  • For an effective essay on biology writing, discuss each point in its paragraph. This technique will give you the chance of exhausting the points.

7. The biology essay conclusion

The end of the article should be firm and sum up the whole article. The conclusion is a formal way of how to conclude a biology essay. The conclusion restates the points for emphasis and makes the final argument clear. This section also gives you the chance of drawing connections between the points and questions being discussed. The conclusion for a biology essay also gives room for you to show your engagement with the essay on biology on a personal ground. The conclusion should be in a position of reformulating a new hypothesis as well as comparing the content to the secondary sources used. You can finish up on the biology essay by stating the significance of statistical tests done.

8. The references

Making citations is an essential issue in biology papers. There are quite some formatting and citation styles ranging from APA to MLA.  You should, therefore, be keen on the style specified. Referencing styles depend on the academic discipline that one is in. For instance, APA is used in psychology, education, and sciences


Archetti M 2000. The origin of autumn colors by coevolution. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 205: 625–63

9. Sources for essay choice

Sources can either be secondary or primary. Primary source refers to any work that can be accessed originally. Secondary source refers to the works that have been original, but have been produced by another person. Examples of secondary sources include books, encyclopedias, and journals among other recreated works. You can use both the primary and secondary data to make your biology paper a success.

10. Finalizing the Essay

Once the essay on biology has been written, a revision is necessary to ensure the content is in order. A standard method of review is through proofreading. Proofreading gives you the chance to analyze your work and correct errors that are avoidable.

Essay writing in A-level Biology

Guidance on how to construct the A2 Biology essay.

Whenever they hear the word essay, most people  panic about how to write one: they are not sure how much to write or  how much scientific knowledge and information they need to include or recall. In many of the A-Level Biology courses it takes the form of the Synoptic essay. You will need to demonstrate your ability to bring together principles and concepts from different areas of Biology, and express these ideas in a clear and logical manner. You must also be able  to construct a reasonable length of good quality written work for a given topic, usually between 1000- 2000 words (3-4 A4  length  pages). So how do you start to construct one?

Here are a few tips I have written to guide you through the process.

When writing a Biology essay, marks are awarded for the scientific content, the coverage of the topic and for its coherence. A synoptic type essay is usually marked out of  25 marks and you have about  35-45 minutes to write one.

General principles for marking the Essay : Total marks 25 marks

The four SKILL AREAS which you will be marked for are:  scientificcontent, breadth of knowledge,  relevance and quality of language.

The break down of the marks for each of the skills  are  shown below with some guidance notes.

Scientific content(maximum 16 marks)

Excellent/Good (12-16 marks)

                                     Average (6-10 marks)

                                     Poor (0-4 marks)

For you to gain the high marks, the essay should cover all the main areas relevant to the topic and must include discussion of each area with suitable examples. All the material must be relevant to the topic and the essay should only contain very few factual errors.

Breath of knowledge(maximum 3 marks)

3 (marks)

A well balanced account, making reference to most areas that might be realistically covered in an A-level course of study.

0-2 (marks)

A number of aspects covered but a lack of balance or it is an unbalanced account. Some topics essential to an understanding at this level missed out and not covered. Material entirely irrelevant.      

Relevance ( maximum 3 marks)

3 (marks)

All material presented is clearly relevant to the title.

2-0 (marks)

Material generally selected in support of title but some of the main content of the essay is only marginally important or largely irrelevant material.

Quality of Written Communication ( maximum 3 marks )

3  (marks)

All material is logically presented in clear English. Good use of technical terminology used effectively and accurately .Essay  is of  good  length 2-4  pages in length                                      

                                    2-0 (marks)

Essay very short or under one page in length. Poorly constructed  essay and which often fails to use an appropriate scientific style and terminology to express ideas.             

It is essential that you must PLAN your essay carefully.  This will take around 5 minutes. Bullet point or  jot down key words, diagrams or  a construct a mind map In your plan. Include a brief introduction and a conclusion to summarize the main points.

In the introduction, you should explain the meaning of any ‘key-terms’ mentioned in the title and  the outline of the main points to be covered in the essay.

The essay MUST be written as a piece of continuous prose: Whilst writing the essay DO NOT use subheadings, bullet points,  ie (1) (2)  or (a),(b) etc.

Aim to spend 25-30 minutes writing the essay and 5 minutes at the end to read carefully through the essay to make any  amendments.

Why not use the four keys skills shown above to  construct  and  structure your essay and have a go at practising writing one of these essays?

Synoptic : Past essay questions

  1. The process of diffusion & its importance in living organisms.
  2. The biological importance of water
  3. ATP and its role in living organisms.
  4. Carbon dioxide in organisms  and ecosystems.
  5. How bacteria affect human lives.
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