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A Friend in Need Is a Friend indeed

          It was John Donne who said that no one is an island; entire of itself, every one is a piece of continent, a part of the main. It is the universal truth that human beings cannot lead a life alone; we need friends. Living in the society, we have a good variety of friends. And, walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. Helen Keller, an American author and lecturer who overcame great physical handicaps _ blind and deaf before the age of two, said these words, mentioning her best friend and teacher, Annie Sullivan, with her practical life of darkness and silence. For a blind person, friends are more essential than eyesights. Therefore, we need to be sociable.

          We can have a variety of friends throughout our life. However, all that glitters is not gold as William Shakespeare (1564-1616), an English playwright, expressed in one of his famous play, Merchant of Venice. They have different kinds of characters. There are never-failing friends as well as summer friends. A summer friend is like a sandcastle on the seashore. A tiny ripple of difficulty can destroy the friendship with him. But, a genuine friend is like a lighthouse and he will guide us to a proper path by his timely strength whenever we are lost. There is a quite touching experience for me as I had several friends but only one best friend. During childhood, I used to make friends with all the classmates and thus I got many friends by the time I was a secondary student. While the final examination was going to be held, I had already prepared well. I had a dream to pass the exam with high marks since it meant the decision of classes in high school levels. However, I had a severe misfortune. My dear grandmother passed away a day before my examination date. She was my closest one among my relatives and so I feel extremely depressed. Moreover, misery never rains, it pours that I fell ill and my mother had a car accident. As a result, I managed to sit for the exam and the exam result was not favourable. I was downhearted and felt lonely because none of my so-called friends, I usually got together, appeared. They use to come to my house but they did not come to the funeral or my house for a month owing to their superstitious ideas. I was more disappointed with those fair-weather friends. Bad luck, however, often brings good luck. I got some phone calls from a few good friends and for my sake a very friend visited me. I had considered this bosom friend just as a common friend but my guess was completely wrong. Although he had never been my house and I had hardly talked to him, he was sincere to me indeed. He visited me, comforted me and encouraged me. From then on, he became my genuine friend and I also determined myself to idolize him. He is good-natured and kind to every one. Further, he is an outstanding learner and I realize the words of wisdom that he said when I wondered his unexpected visit to me, “A friend in need is a friend indeed” I will never forget that saying.

          True friends are those who come and share our happiness when we call them and our misfortune without being called. And, it is fortunate for me to get such a close friend. True friends are needed for a man. It is because a true friend is much more special than a good friend. A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you and saying, “We messed up!” This is a saying that provides ample evidence for a man needs true friends. Nevertheless, friends are second relatives and we should value friends.

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