Sanjay Gawande Mla Bibliography

Sandeep Jauhar and his family left New Delhi when he was eight years old and moved to the United States. They lived in Kentucky for a few years and then settled in southern California. Jauhar went deep enough into the study of physics at Berkeley to earn a PhD –and then settled instead on medicine. Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation is the unsettling account of his medical residency at a New York hospital, largely focused on the first year, his internship.

The use of the word “initiation” in the book’s subtitle is multifaceted. Medical residency, the apprenticeship that newly minted physicians undertake after medical school and licensure, is not merely an entrée into the profession; it is akin to being initiated into a fraternity. “This introduction to the profession is a legendarily brutal year,” Jauhar writes near the beginning of the book, “for many doctors, the most trying of their professional lives. Working 80 or more hours per week and staying up every fourth night or so on call, most spend it in a state of perpetual exhaustion, as near ascetics with regard to family, friends, food, sex, and other pleasures.”

This practice has traditionally been justified in two ways. Rationally, it is argued that physicians ultimately benefit from a brutal trial by fire. It is a commonplace that medical education typically begins when medical school ends. More viscerally, tradition is tradition; there is a deeply engrained feeling among older doctors that “if I did it, you should do it.” As with the hazing rituals of university fraternities, both rituals kill on occasion and both have been resistant to legal changes aimed at making them safer. Laws may change; practice often does not. University hazing, of course, takes the life of the odd initiate; the exhaustion of the medical intern kills patients.

Intern gives us Jauhar’s take on his internship, interweaving that experience with something of his childhood, family history, previous studies and work experiences. In the process, Jauhar tells us about himself and also about medical education and health care. For most of the book, Jauhar is critical of both the process and the result, the perceived desensitization of doctors. In the end, though, he more or less pronounces it a success.

Born to Be a Doctor?

Indian physicians and physicians of Indian ancestry have become such a common feature of the American medical landscape as to be unremarkable. That presence is increasingly reflected in the American media as well: New Delhi-born and U.S. raised, Sanjay Gupta is Cable News Network’s chief medical correspondent, the face and voice of practical health advice for millions of Americans. Atul Gawande practices medicine, serves on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School, and writes about his experiences and observations in The New Yorker magazine — work so far woven into and collected into two fine books. Jauhar sketches a physician-rich milieu: His maternal grandfather was a doctor, his brother is a doctor, he marries a doctor, and his father-in-law is a doctor. These facts give him an intimate and sometimes jaundiced view of the profession.

This may be part of what makes Jauhar frank about both his own failings and the broader failings of his profession. He has journalistic roots in common with Gupta and Gawande as well, and has aired his concerns about medical education and practice over a period of more than 10 years now, working as a journalist from the time he began studying medicine.

One of the book’s prominent strengths is its apparent openness: The story we get is “warts and all.” Rather than a whitewashed memoir — a pristine family, dedicated son, proud physician, noble profession, inevitable triumph — we get some of the messier and more interesting and intimate details. Jauhar’s father, a plant geneticist with a PhD, is described as “embittered and rigid and in a constant state of conflict with professional colleagues.” Angry about not attaining a tenured position — which he largely ascribes to American racism — he encourages his son to pursue medicine, lauding the profession while disdaining practitioners. “He thought they were all crooks,” Jauhar tells us. He describes his mother in similarly un-romanticized terms. “She was a typical Indian mother, loving, caring, committed, but small-minded, too, in that only-concerned-with-my-own-backyard way. She had struggled alongside my father, raising the three of us kids, working fulltime as a lab tech, making do with much less than she was accustomed to having, sacrificing so my father could write his academic textbooks, which sold a few dozen copies a year.”

The saving grace is that Jauhar is open about his own fumblings and failings as well. The book tells the story not of the classic clean — if fatiguing — arc of internship but of his struggles with both physical injury and emotional distress as he works through his apprenticeship. He doesn’t play any of this for sympathy, either. It is mostly after the fact that he names one of the central problems: depression.

Failure of Medical Ethics

Jauhar’s prose can tend toward the purple, but there are regular bits and pieces of poetry woven into his descriptions. He also demonstrates an appealing willingness to leaven or puncture sections that threaten to list too far toward greeting card poetry, at the expense of his own dignity. “The air was thick and still,” he writes in one such riff. “On the sidewalk, blooming tulips rose out of the gated tree plots like hands coming out of a grave. I took off my coat and swung it over my shoulder. Its contents spilled all over the sidewalk.”

The facts and the organization of the book are more problematic. Jauhar is looking back on his internship from more than a decade’s distance — though some sections of the book were previously published as articles in the New York Times, The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet. In one of the prefatory sections he notes that “in some places, time has been compressed or the order of events has been changed for the sake of narrative cohesion; and in rare cases I have used composite sketches to better represent my experience.”

Is this journalistic or scholarly analysis of medical education? Is it memoir? Is it fiction — with the occasional poetic edge? It is all of the above, which can be an admirable and powerful amalgam. But here the seams show. Some responsibility lies with the editing, or failures thereof. In places, the problems are as trivial as the misapplication of a word here and there that pauses the reader, causing momentary confusion. A bedside picture of “a well-to-do businessman” in steep medical decline shows him “looking every bit the Connecticut waterman he once was.” But one has to think Jauhar means here something closer to “yachtsman.” In New York or New England, “waterman” would refer to a river worker; further south along the eastern seaboard, “waterman” would refer to someone in the shellfish industry.

In other places, the lapses have more to do with emphasis and continuity. Early on, we are told of Lisa, Jauhar’s girlfriend at Berkeley. She is diagnosed with the devastating autoimmune disorder lupus and we see him “whispering that one day she was going to be cured and that I would see her through it. She cried hard that day,” he tells us, “and so did I. For her and for myself.” That’s just about all we get of Lisa, who appears to have been something of his motivation for switching to medicine from physics. Did she die? That isn’t clear. If not, how and why did they part? She pops up again some 150 pages later. “In a flash, I thought of Lisa, wondering how she was doing.” And then she vanishes again, this time with finality, still incompletely explained.

The most serious failures, however, relate to facts. That there wasn’t sufficient fact-checking done to catch these errors during the publication process mars Jauhar’s credibility, which is a particularly valuable asset when working in a less traditional form.

In the latter third of the book, for example, Jauhar makes a passing reference to the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, writing in part that, “in the 1940s … black men with syphilis were intentionally left untreated, despite the availability of penicillin, in order to study that disease’s complications.” The Tuskegee experiments are notorious in the American medical community in general, and among the African-American population with particular intensity, feeding contemporary medical conspiracy theories such as the one that views AIDS as a government plot against blacks. The reference is a powerful touchstone of failure in medical ethics. But a crucial part of what Jauhar relates here is wrong and another part is missing. The Tuskegee experiments began in 1932; penicillin was not widely available to the civilian population of the U.S. until the end of the Second World War. But the true horror of the experiment was that it ran a full four decades and didn’t end until the early 1970s.

Elephant in the Emergency Room

Still, we benefit, here and elsewhere, from Jauhar’s keen eye and his willingness to explore and discuss things from all angles. But what of the pitfalls in the current model of medical training? In many ways, that’s the elephant in the emergency (or hospital) room: In 2000, the Institute of Medicine, in Washington, D.C., estimated the annual toll from medical errors at between 48,000 and 98,000 deaths; it is broadly accepted that overburdened and fatigued interns are disproportionately responsible. The focus of Jauhar’s book makes it an ideal venue in which to explore the systems, management and HR issues that undergird this problem. For the most part, however, he does not do so; in the end, what he gives us is personal.

He does cite the famous 1984 death of Libby Zion. The eighteen-year-old daughter of Sidney Zion — a lawyer, once Assistant U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, who (like Jauhar) turned New York City writer — Libby died of cardiac arrest after eight hours in a New York emergency room. Her death resulted in a number of changes in New York law regarding the working conditions for medical residents. For example, as of 1987, Jauhar recounts, “residents were prohibited from working more than twenty-four hours at a stretch or more than eighty hours per week.” Eventually, he tells us, these guidelines became more or less national. But they have not been effectively enforced.

In response to the 2000 study cited above, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) again revised the number of hours interns should be allowed to work. But these guidelines look worse, not better, than the 1987 guidelines: Up to nine times per month, interns can be required to work as long as 30 consecutive hours — and, according to the September 2006 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 80% of medical interns subsequently surveyed reported that they were still working beyond those guidelines.

Given the seriousness of the problem, why has this not been more effectively addressed? Jauhar discusses the issue glancingly. In response to the 1987 regulations, he writes, “Teaching hospitals that had relied on interns and residents as medical staff were forced to grapple with the problem of cross-coverage: providing care to patients when their primary resident was not on duty.” He writes this in introducing his own rotation as a “night float,” one of the staffing changes meant to address part of this problem. But he quickly moves off any discussion of solutions.

“In the end,” he writes in the book’s closing pages, “I adapted to the culture around me. I came to accept the workings of the hospital and of my colleagues. I became less judgmental — of doctors, not patients (there was a time when it was the other way around) — and more forgiving of, more faithful to, my guild.”

That’s fair. It is clear-eyed and more honest than most people are willing to be in a public forum. 

List of BJP MLA Candidates for Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

AC.NoAC.NameCandidate NameAC.NoAC.NameCandidate Name
1AkkalkuwaPadavi Nagesh Dilwarsing 137Bhiwandi EastSantosh Manjayya Shetty
2ShahadaPadvi Udesing Kocharu 138Kalyan WestNarendra Baburao Pawar
3NandurbarGavit Vijaykumar Krushnarao139MurbadKisan Shankar Kathore
4NawapurValvi Kuvarsing Fulaji 140AmbernathWankhede Rajesh Devendra
5SakriGavit Manjula Tulshiram 141UlhasnagarAilani Kumar
6Dhule RuralBhadane Manohar Dattatray 142Kalyan EastVishal Vishnu Pawshe
7Dhule CityAnil Anna Gote143DombivaliChavan Ravindra Dattatray
8SindkhedaJaykumar Jitendrasinh Rawal 145Mira BhayandarNarendra Mehta
9ShirpurDr. Jitendra Yuvraj Thakur 146Ovala - MajiwadaSanjay Pandey
10ChopdaJagdishchandra Ramesh Valvi 147Kopri-PachpakhadiAdv.Sandeep Suresh Lele
11RaverHaribhau Madhav Jawale 148ThaneKelkar Sanjay Mukund
12BhusawalSawkare Sanjay Waman 149Mumbra-KalwaAshok Narayan Bhoir
13Jalgaon CitySuresh Damu Bhole (Rajumama)150AiroliVaibhav Tukaram Naik
14Jalgaon RuralP.C. Aabasaheb Patil151BelapurManda Vijay Mhatre
15AmalnerAnil Bhaidas Patil (Amalner) 152BorivaliTawde Vinod
16ErandolMachhindra Ratan Patil 153DahisarChaudhary Manisha Ashok
17ChalisgaonUnmesh Bhaiyyasaheb Patil 154MagathaneHemendra Ratilal Mehta
18PachoraUttamrao Dhanaji Mahajan 155MulundSardar Tara Singh
19JamnerGirish Dattatray Mahajan 157Bhandup WestKotak Manoj
20MuktainagarKhadse Eknathrao Ganpatrao 158Jogeshwari EastUjwala Modak
21MalkapurChainsukh Madanalal Sancheti 159DindoshiMohit Kamboj
22BuldhanaGode Yogendra Rajendra160Kandivali EastAtul Bhatkhalkar
23ChikhliKhabutare Sureshaappa Wamanaappa161CharkopYogesh Sagar
24Sindkhed RajaDr. Ganesh Baburao Mante162Malad WestDr. Ram Barot
25MehkarGawai Narhari Omkar 163GoregaonVidya Thakur
26KhamgaonAkash Pandurang Fundkar164VersovaDr. Bharati Hemant Lavekar
27Jalgaon JamodKute Dr. Sanjay Shriram165Andheri WestAmeet Bhaskar Satam
28AkotBharsakle Prakash Gunvantrao166Andheri EastSunil Lalanprasad Yadav
29BalapurThorat Tejrao Uttamrao 167Vile ParleParag Alavani
30Akola WestGovardhan Mangilal Sharma 169Ghatkopar WestRam Kadam
31Akola EastSavarkar Randhir Pralhadrao 170Ghatkopar EastPrakash Mehta
32MurtijapurHarish Marotiappa Pimple 172Anushakti NagarVitthal Ambaji Kharatmol
33RisodJadhav Vijay Tulshiram174KurlaVijay Baburao Kamble
34WashimMalik Lakhan Sahadeo 175KalinaSingh Amarjeet Awadhnarayan
35KaranjaPatni Rajendra Sukhanad 176Vandre EastKrishna Dhondu Parkar
36Dhamangaon RailwayAdsad Arunbhau Janardanrao 177Vandre WestAdv. Ashish Shelar
37BadneraBhartiya Tushar Panditrao 178DharaviDivya Dholay
38AmravatiDr.Deshmukh Sunil Panjabrao 179Sion KoliwadaCaptain R. Tamil Selvan
39TeosaNivedita Dighade Choudhari 180WadalaMihir Chandrakant Kotecha
40DaryapurRamesh Ganpatrao Bundile181MahimAmbekar Vilas Ramesh
41MelghatBhilawekar Prabhdas Babulal182WorliSunil Dattatraya Rane
42AchalpurAshok Shridharpant Bansod183ShivadiShalaka Salvi
43MorshiDr. Anil Sukhdevrao Bonde184BycullaMadhu (Dada) Chavan
44ArviDadarao Yadavrao Keche185Malabar HillMangal Prabhat Lodha
45DeoliSuresh Ganpatrao Waghmare186MumbadeviAtul Shah
46HinganghatKunawar Samir Trambakrao 187ColabaRaj K. Purohit
47WardhaDr.Pankaj Rajesh Bhoyar 188PanvelPrashant Ramsheth Thakur
48KatolAshish Ranjeet Deshmukh 189KarjatYerunkar Rajendra Eknath
50HingnaMeghe Sameer Dattatraya190UranBaldi Mahesh
51UmredParwe Sudhir Laxman191PenGharat Ramsheth Mangalya
52Nagpur South WestDevendra Gangadhar Fadnavis192AlibagKathe Prakash Gopal
53Nagpur SouthKohale Sudhakar Vitthalrao193ShrivardhanKrushna Pandurang Kobnak
54Nagpur EastKhopde Krishnaji Panchamji 194MahadSudhir Parshuram Mahadik
55Nagpur CentralKumbhare Vikas Shankarrao195JunnarNetajidada Suresh Doke
56Nagpur WestDeshmukh Sudhakar Shamrao 196AmbegaonErande Jaysing Maruti
57Nagpur NorthDr. Milind Mane197Khed AlandiBute (Patil) Sharad Anandrao
58KamthiChandrashekhar Krushnarao Bawankule198ShirurPacharne Baburao Kashinath
59RamtekReddy Dwaram Mallikarjun Ram Reddy200IndapurChavare Dnyandeo Alias Mauli Haribhau
60TumsarWaghamare Charan Sovinda201BaramatiBalasaheb Alis Prabhakar Dadaram Gawade
61BhandaraAvsare Ramchandra Punaji202PurandarRajenimbalkar Sangitadevi Sangramsinh
62SakoliKashiwar Rajesh Lahanu203BhorDhamale Sharad Bajirao
63Arjuni MorgaonEngg.Badole Rajkumar Sudam204MavalBhegade Sanjay (Bala) Vishwanath
64TiroraRahangdale Vijay Bharatlal 205ChinchwadJagtap Laxman Pandurang
65GondiaAgrawal Vinodkumar Santoshkumar207BhosariAeknath Raosaheb Pawar
66AmgaonPuram Sanjay Hanwantrao208Vadgaol SheriJagdish Tukaram Muluk
67ArmoriKrushna Damaji Gajbe209ShivajinagarVijay Kale
68GadchiroliDr. Deorao Madguji Holi 210KothrudKulkarni Medha Vishram
69AheriAmbrishrao Raje Satyawanrao Atram211KhadakwasalaTapkir Bhimrao Dhondiba
70RajuraAdv. Sanjay Yadaorao Dhote212ParvatiMisal Madhuri Satish
71ChandrapurShamkule Nanaji Sitaram 213HadapsarTilekar Yogesh Kundlik
72BallarpurSudhir Sachhidanand Mungantiwar214Pune CantonmentDilip Kamble
73BrahmapuriAtul Devidas Deshkar 215Kasba PethBapat Girish Bhalchandra
74ChimurBanty Bahngdiya216AkoleAshok Yashwant Bhangare
75WaroraSanjay Wamanrao Deotale217SangamnerRajesh Madhav Chaudahari
76WaniBodkurwar Sanjivreddi Bapurao218ShirdiRajendra Bhausaheb Gondkar
77RalegaonAshok Ramaji Wooike219KopargaonKolhe Snehalata Bipindada
78YavatmalMadan Madhukarrao Yerawar 220ShrirampurWakchaure Bhausaheb Rajaram
79DigrasAjay Jagatnarayan Dube221NevasaBalasaheb Alias Dadasaheb Damodhar Murkute
80ArniRaju Narayan Todsam 222ShevgaonMonika Rajale Rajiv
81PusadPatil Vasantrao Deorao (Kanhekar)223RahuriKardile Shivaji Bhanudas
82UmarkhedRajendra Waman Najardhane224ParnerTambe Babasaheb Rambhau
83KinwatAshok Shamrao Suryawanshi225Ahmednagar CityAdv.Abhay Jagannath Agarkar
84HadgaonLatabai Shyamsundar Kadam226ShrigondaPachpute Babanrao Bhikaji
85BhokarKinhalkar Dr.Madhavrao Bhujangrao227Karjat JamkhedProf. Ram Shankar Shinde
86Nanded NorthPandhare Sudhakar Ramrao 228GeoraiPawar Laxman Madhavro
87Nanded SouthDilip Venkatrao Kandkurte229MajalgaonR.T.Deshmukh (Jija)
88LohaDhondge Mukteshwar Keshavrao230BeedVinayak Tukaram Mete
89NaigaonRajesh Sambhaji Pawar231AshtiDhonde Bhimrao Anandrao
90DeglurBhimrao Mariba Kshirsagar 232KaijThombre Sangeeta Vijayprakash
91MukhedGovind Mukkaji Rathod233ParliMunde Pankaja Gopinnathrao
92BasmathAdv. Jadhav Shivajirao Munjajirao234Latur RuralKarad Ramesh Kashiram
94HingoliMutkule Tanhaji Sakharamji 235Latur CityLahoti Shailesh Govindkumar
95JinturSanjay Narayan Sadegaonkar236AhmadpurGanesh Namdeorao Hake
96ParbhaniAnandrao Sheshraoji Bharose 237UdgirSudhakar Sangram Bhalerao
99ParturBabanrao Dattatray Yadav (Lonikar)238NilangaNilangekar Sambhaji Diliprao Patil
100GhansawangiKharat Vilasrao Vitthalrao 239AusaPasha Patel
101JalnaArvind Bajirao Chavan240UmargaShinde Kailas Chintamanrao
102BadnapurKuche Narayan Tilakchand241TuljapurNimbalkar Sanjay Prakash
103BhokardanDanave Santosh Raosaheb242OsmanabadDudhgaonkar Patil Sanjay Trimbakrao
104SillodBankar Suresh Pandurang246BarshiMirgane Rajendra Sukhdev
105KannadDr. Sanjay Gavhane247MoholKshirsagar Sanjay Dattatraya
106PhulambriBagde Haribhau Kisanrao248Solapur City NorthVijay Sidramappa Deshmukh
107Aurangabad CentralTanwani Kishanchand Lekhraj249Solapur City CentralPatki Mohini Vijay
108Aurangabad WestMadhukar Damodhar Sawant250AkkalkotPatil Sidramappa Malakappa
109Aurangabad EastAtul Moreshwar Save251Solapur SouthDeshmukh Subhash Sureshchandra
110PaithanHiwale Vinayak Laxman253SangoleDeshmukh Shrikant Appsaheb
111GangapurBumb Prashant Bansilal256WaiJadhav Purushottambajirao
112VaijapurEkanath Khanderao Jadhav260Karad SouthDr. Atul Suresh Bhosale
113NandgaonHire (Patil) Advay Prashant261PatanDipak Bandu Mahadik
115Malegaon OuterThakre Pavan Yashvant262SataraPawar Dipak Sahebrao
116BaglanBorse Dilip Mangalu263DapoliKedar Bhikaji Sathe
117KalwanGavali Yashwant Laxman264GuhagarDr. Natu Vinay Shridhar
118ChandwadDr.Aher Rahul Daultrao265Chiplun Madhav Bhujang Gavali
119YevlaMankar Shivaji Madhavrao266RatnagiriBalasaheb Mane
120SinnarManikrao Shivaji Kokate267RajapurYadav Sanjay Aatmaram
121NiphadPatil Vaikunth Vijay268KankavliJathar Pramod Shantaram
122DindoriAshok Shivaji Burunge269KudalBaba Alias Vishnu Mondkar
123Nashik EastBalasaheb Mahadu Sanap270SawantwadiTeli Rajan Krishna
124Nashik CentralFarande Devayani Suhas273KagalParashram Satappa Taware
125Nashik WestHire Seema Mahesh (Seematai)274Kolhapur SouthAmal Mahadik
126DeolaliSadafule Ramdas Dayaram (Baba)275KarvirChougale Kerba Shripati (K.S.Anna)
127IgatpuriChandrakant Mahadev Khade276Kolhapur NorthMahesh Balasaheb Jadhav
128DahanuDhanare Paskal Janya279IchalkaranjiSuresh Ganpati Halvankar
129VikramgadSavara Vishnu Rama281MirajKhade Suresh (Bhau) Dagadu
130PalgharDr. Premchand Tulshiram Gond282SangliDhananjay Alias Sudhirdada Hari Gadgil
131BoisarDhodi Jagdish Bhagwan284ShiralaNaik Shivajirao Yashwantrao
132NalasoparaRajan Balkrishna Naik285Palus-KadegaonDeshmukh Pruthviraj Sayajirao
134Bhiwandi RuralPatil Shantaram Dundaram286KhanapurGopichand Kundalik Padalkar
135ShahapurAshok Mhalu Irnak287Tasgaon-Kavathe MahankalAjitrao Shankarrao Ghorpade
136Bhiwandi WestChoughule Mahesh Prabhakar288JatJagtap Vilasrao Narayan

List of INC MLA Candidates for Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

AC No.AC NameCandidate NameAC. No.AC. No.Candidate Name
1AkkalkuwaPadavi Adv. K.C. 145Mira BhayandarYakub Kureshi
2ShahadaPadmakar Vijaysing Valvi 146Ovala - MajiwadaPrabhat Prakash Patil
3NandurbarVasave Kunal Batesing147Kopri-PachpakhadiMohan Parasnath Goswami
4NawapurNaik Surupsing Hirya 148ThanePawar Narayan Shankar
5SakriAhire Dhanaji Sitaram Or D.S.Ahire149Mumbra-KalwaYasin Ayyub Quraishi
6Dhule RuralKunal (Baba) Rohidas Patil 150AiroliMhatre Ramakant Narayan
7Dhule CityKhan Mohammad Sabir Muhibullah151BelapurNamdeo Rama Bhagat
8SindkhedaSaner Shamkant Raghunath 152BorivaliAshok Ramdas Sutrale
9ShirpurKashiram Vechan Pawara 153DahisarSheetal Ashok Mhatre
10ChopdaBhadale Dnyaneshwar Raysing 154MagathaneSawant Sachin Madhavrao
11RaverChaudhari Shirish Madhukarra155MulundCharan Singh Sapra
12BhusawalSonawane Pushpa Jagannath 156VikhroliDr.Sandesh Balasaheb Mhatre
13Jalgaon CityDr.Chaudhari Radheshyam Dharmaraj157Bhandup WestShyam Tukaram Sawant
14Jalgaon RuralD. G. Patil 158Jogeshwari EastRajesh Prabhushankar Sharma
15AmalnerEngg.Girish Sonji Patil 159DindoshiRajhans Singh Dhananjay Singh
16ErandolWagh Pravin Chandrabhan 160Kandivali EastThakur Ramesh Singh
17ChalisgaonAshok Hari Khalane 161CharkopBharat Parekh
18PachoraPradiprao Gulabrao Pawar 162Malad WestAslam Shaikh
19JamnerVispute Jyotsna Sunil 163GoregaonGanesh Mhasnaji Kamble
20MuktainagarPatil Yogendrasing Bhagwan 164VersovaBaldev Khosa
21MalkapurDr. Arvind Kolte 165Andheri WestAshok Bhau Jadhav
22BuldhanaHarshwardhan Vasantrao Sapkal166Andheri EastSuresh Shetty
23ChikhliRahul Siddhavinayak Bondre 167Vile ParleHegde Krishna
24Sindkhed RajaNagre Pradip Baburao 168ChandivaliKhan Md. Arif (Naseem)
25MehkarLaxmanrao Januji Ghumare 169Ghatkopar WestRamgovind Yadav
26KhamgaonDilipkumar Gokulchand Sananda170Ghatkopar EastChheda Pravin Velji
27Jalgaon JamodBurungale Ramvijay Dnyaneshwar171Mankhurd Shivaji NagarAbrahani Yasuf
28AkotGangane Mahesh Sudhakarrao172Anushakti NagarMahulkar Rajendra Jagnnath
29BalapurKhatib Syed Natiquddin 173ChemburChandrakant Damodhar Handore
30Akola WestVirak Usha Jagajitsingh 174KurlaBramhanand G.Shinde (B.G.)
31Akola EastKorpe Dr.Subhashchandra Wamanrao175KalinaKripashankar Singh
32MurtijapurIngle Shravan Shekoji 176Vandre EastBagadi Sanjeev Kherlal
33RisodAmit Subhashrao Zanak177Vandre WestBaba Ziauddin Siddique
34WashimSuresh Bhivaji Ingle 178DharaviGaikwad Varsha Eknath
35KaranjaJyotitai Anil Ganeshpure 179Sion KoliwadaShetty Jagannath Achanna
36Dhamangaon RailwayJagtap VirendraWalmik180WadalaKalidas Nilkanth Kolambkar
37BadneraSulabha Sanjay Khodke 181MahimPravin Naik
38AmravatiRaosaheb Shekhawat 182WorliDattatraya Ramchandra Naughane
39TeosaAdv. Yashomati Thakur (Sonawane)183ShivadiJamsutkar Manoj Pandurang
40DaryapurSiddharth Pandurang Wankhade184BycullaAnna Alias Madhu Chavan
41MelghatKevalram Tulsiram Kale185Malabar HillSusiben Shah
42AchalpurAnirudha Alias Bablubhau Subhanrao Deshmukh186MumbadeviAmin Patel
43MorshiNareshchandra Panjabraoji Thakare Patil187ColabaAnnie Shekhar
44ArviAmar Sharadrao Kale188PanvelR.C.Gharat
45DeoliKamble Ranjit Prataprao189KarjatKharik Shivaji Babu
46HinganghatUsha Arun Thute 190UranGharat Mahendra Tukaram
47WardhaShekar Pramod Shende 191PenRavisheth Patil
48KatolDinesh Sheshrao Thakare 192AlibagThakur Madhukar Shankar (Pappa)
49SavnerKedar Sunil Chhtrapal 193ShrivardhanUday Bhivaji Kathe
50HingnaKunda Shyamdeo Raut194MahadManik Motiram Jagtap
51UmredMeshram Sanjay Narayanrao195JunnarGanpat Rakhmaji Phulawade
52Nagpur South WestPrafulla Vinod Gudadhe (Patil)196AmbegaonBankhele Sandhya Devendra
53Nagpur SouthChaturvedi Satish197Khed AlandiVandana Manikrao Satpute
54Nagpur EastAbhijit Govindrao Wanjari 198ShirurKamlakar Gulabrao Satav
55Nagpur CentralAnees Ahmed199DaundTakawane Atmaram Sahebrao
56Nagpur WestThakre Vikas Pandurang 200IndapurPatil Harshvardhan Shahajirao
57Nagpur NorthDr. Nitin Raut201BaramatiAdv.Aakash Vijayrao More
58KamthiRajendra Bhausaheb Mulak202PurandarSanjay Chandukaka Jagtap
59RamtekMohite Subhodh Baburao 203BhorSangram Anantrao Thopate
60TumsarTitirmare Pramod Narayan204MavalKiran Shankar Gaikwad
61BhandaraWasnik Yuoraj Dewaji205ChinchwadKadam Kailash Mahadev
62SakoliSevakbhau Nirdhan Waghaye206PimpriManoj Vishnu Kamble
63Arjuni MorgaonNandagawali Rajesh Mulchand207BhosariBhosale Hanumantrao Bhimrao Alias Anna
64TiroraKatre Parasram Gyaniram 208Vadgaol SheriAdv.Chandrakant Chhajed
65GondiaAgrawal Gopaldas Shankarlal 209ShivajinagarNimhan Vinayak Mahadev
66AmgaonRamrtanbapu Bhartrajbapu Raut210KothrudUmesh Namdev Kandhare
67ArmoriAnandrao Gagaram Gedam211KhadakwasalaChavan Shrirang Ekanath
68GadchiroliSaguna Pentaji Talandi 212ParvatiAbhay Chhajed
69AheriMukteshwar Lachama Gawade 213HadapsarChandrakant Alias Balasaheb Shivarkar
70RajuraDhote Subhash Ramchandrrao 214Pune CantonmentBagave Ramesh Anandrao
71ChandrapurMendhe Mahesh Marotrao 215Kasba PethDr.Rohit Deepak Tilak
72BallarpurMulchandani Ghanshyam Khushimal216AkoleBhangare Satish Namdeo
73BrahmapuriWadettiwar Vijay Namdevrao 217SangamnerVijay Alias Balasaheb Bhausaheb Thorat
74ChimurDr. Avinash Manoharrao Warjukar218ShirdiRadhakrishna Eknathrao Vikhe Patil
75WaroraDr. Asavari Vijay Deotale219KopargaonAutade Nitin Bhanudas
76WaniKasawar Wamanrao Bapurao220ShrirampurBhausaheb Malhari Kamble
77RalegaonProf.Vasant Chindhuji Purake221NevasaDilip Vitthal Wakchaure
78YavatmalThakre Rahul Manikrao 222ShevgaonAjay Sheshrao Raktate
79DigrasDevanand Narsing Pawar223RahuriAmol Bhausaheb Jadhav
80ArniMoghe Shivajirao Shivramji 224ParnerJadhav Shivaji Gopala
81PusadNaik Sachin Vishwasrao225Ahmednagar CityTambe Satyajeet Sudhir
82UmarkhedKhadse Vijayrao Yadavrao226ShrigondaHemant Bhujangrao Ogale
83KinwatJadhav Aakash Subhash 227Karjat JamkhedProf. Kiran Annasaheb Patil
84HadgaonJawalgaonkar Madhavrao Nivrutirao Pawar (Patil)228GeoraiSuresh Dnyanoba Hatte
85BhokarAmeeta Ashokrao Chavan 229MajalgaonHoke Patil Narayan Laxamanrao
86Nanded NorthD.P.Sawant 230BeedDeshmukh Sirajoddin Safdar Ali
87Nanded SouthOmprakash Ganeshlal Pokarna231AshtiMinakshi Vinayak Pandule Pa.
88LohaShyam Bapurao Telang232KaijAnjali Ram Ghadge
89NaigaonChavan Vasantrao Balwantrao233ParliProf. T. P. Munde
90DeglurAntapurkar Raosaheb Jaiwanta 234Latur RuralBhise Trimbakrao Shrirangrao
91MukhedBetmogarekar Patil Hanmantrao Venkatrao235Latur CityAmit Vilasrao Deshmukh
92BasmathAbdul Hafiz Abdul Raheman 236AhmadpurVitthal Namdeo Makne
93KalamnuriTarfe Santosh Kautika 237UdgirProf. Ramkishan Bhimrao Sonkamble
94HingoliPatil Bhaurao Baburao 238NilangaAshokshivajirao Patil Nilangekar
95JinturKadam Ramprasad Wamanrao (Bordikar)239AusaBasavraj Madhavrao Patil
96ParbhaniKhan Irfanur Rahman Abdul Rahman Khan240UmargaKisan Naganath Kamble
97GangakhedChoudhari Ravikant (Balkaka) 241TuljapurChavan Madhukarrao Deorao
98PathriWarpudkar Suresh Ambadasrao 242OsmanabadShinde Vishwasrao Jagdevrao
99ParturKanhaiyyalal243ParandaChoudhari Nuroddin M.Yunus M.Idris
100GhansawangiDr. Sanjay Nilkanthrao Lakhepatil 244KarmalaJaywantrao Namdevrao Jagtap
101JalnaGorantyal Kailas Kishanrao245MadhaKale Kalyan Vasantrao
102BadnapurSubhash Damodhar Magare246BarshiSudhir Vishwambhar Gadhave
103BhokardanGavali Suresh Damodhar247MoholKharat Gaurav Gautam
104SillodAbdul Sattar Abdul Nabi248Solapur City NorthChakote Vishwanath Baburao
105KannadNamdevrao Ramrao Pawar249Solapur City CentralShinde Praniti Sushilkumar
106PhulambriDr Kalyan Vaijinathrao Kale250AkkalkotSiddharam Satlingappa Mhetre
107Aurangabad CentralM.M. Shaikh251Solapur SouthDilip Brahmdev Mane
108Aurangabad WestDr.Jitendra Ankushrao Dehade252PandharpurBhalake Bharat Tukaram
109Aurangabad EastDarda Rajendra Jawaharlal253SangoleJagdish Lalaso Babar
110PaithanKale Ravindra Shivajirao254MalshirasProf. Martand Ramchandra Sathe
111GangapurKhosare Shobhabai Jagannath255PhaltanAagavane Digambar Rohidas
112VaijapurDr. Dineshbhau Pardeshi256WaiBhosale Madan Prataprao
113NandgaonAnil Gangadhar Aher257KoregaonKanase Vijayrao Baburao
114Malegaon CentralShaikh Asif Shaikh Rashid258ManJaykumar Bhagwanrao Gore
115Malegaon OuterDr.Rajendra Rajaram Thakre259Karad NorthKadam Dhairyashil Dnyandeo
116BaglanJayashri Machhindra Barde260Karad SouthChavan Prithviraj Dajisaheb
117KalwanGangurde Dhanraj Krishna261PatanPatil Hindurao Shankararao
118ChandwadKotwal Shirishkumar Vasantrao262SataraRajani Dipak Pawar
119YevlaLahare Nivrutti Mahadu263DapoliZiman Sujit Bhagoji
120SinnarKale Sampat Santu264GuhagarSawant Sandip Shivram
121NiphadMogal Rajendra Malojirao265Chiplun Kadam Rashmi Rajendra
122DindoriCharoskar Ramdas Kisanrao266RatnagiriKeer Ramesh Shreedhar
123Nashik EastNimse Udhav Baburav267RajapurDesai Rajendra Alias Rajan Yashwant
124Nashik CentralKhaire Shahu Sahadevrao268KankavliNitesh Narayan Rane
125Nashik WestDashrath Dharmaji Patil269KudalNarayan Tatu Rane
126DeolaliUnavane Ganesh Sukdeo270SawantwadiChandrakant Dattaram Gawade
127IgatpuriGaveet Nirmala Ramesh271ChandgadBharmuanna Subrao Patil
128DahanuPadavle Ramesh Dama273KagalSantan Jivaba Bardeskar
129VikramgadAshok Kashinath Patil274Kolhapur SouthPatil Satej Urf Bunty D.
130PalgharGavit Rajendra Dhedya275KarvirP. N. Patil (Sadolikar)
131BoisarBhupendra Lalit Madhavi276Kolhapur NorthKadam Satyajeet (Nana) Shivajirao
132NalasoparaAshok Vinayak Pendhari277ShahuwadiKarnasinh Sanjaysinh Gaikwad
133VasaiFurtyado Michael Poshan278HatkanangleAwale Jaywantrao Gangaram
134Bhiwandi RuralSachin Damodar Shingda279IchalkaranjiAwade Prakash Kallappa
135ShahapurPadmakar Namdev Kewari280ShirolAppasaheb Alias Satgonda Revgonda Patil
136Bhiwandi WestKhan Shoeb Ashfaq281MirajSidheshwar Atmaram Jadhav
137Bhiwandi EastAnsari Mo. Fajil282SangliMadan Vishwanath Patil
138Kalyan WestSachin Dattatray Pote283IslampurJitendra Laxman Patil
139MurbadAdv. Rajesh Anant Gholap284ShiralaSatyajit Shivajirao Deshmukh
140AmbernathSuryawanshi Kamlakar Nagorao285Palus-KadegaonDr. Kadam Patangrao Shripatrao
141UlhasnagarAdv. Prakash Panjumal Kukreja286KhanapurPatil Sadashivrao Hanmantrao
142Kalyan EastVijayprakash Sarjuprasad Mishra287Tasgaon-Kavathe MahankalSuresh Shendage
143DombivaliKene Santosh Arjun288JatVikramsinh Sawant
144Kalyan RuralPatil Sharda Ram  

List of MNS MLA Candidates for Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

AC No.AC NameCandidate NameAC. No.AC. No.Candidate Name
1AkkalkuwaMamata Ravindra Valavi 151BelapurGajanan Shrikrushna Kale
2ShahadaKisan Runjya Pawar 152BorivaliNayan Kadam
3NandurbarGulabsing Divansing Vasave153DahisarShubha Umesh Raul
4NawapurVasave Madhav Nathu 154MagathaneDarekar Pravin Yashwant
5SakriBharude Dipak Bandu 155MulundSatyawan Dalvi
6Dhule RuralAjay Govindrao Mali 156VikhroliMangesh Eknath Sangale
7Dhule CityAdv.Nitin Laxman Chaudhari157Bhandup WestShishir Shinde
10ChopdaItbar A. Tadavi 158Jogeshwari EastBhalchandra Gangaram Ambure
11RaverJugal Shrinivas Patil 159DindoshiThackeray Shalini Jeetendra
12BhusawalRamdas Shrawan Sawkare 160Kandivali EastAdv. Akhilesh Mayashankar Chaubey
13Jalgaon CityKolhe Lalit Vijay 161CharkopDeepak Desai
14Jalgaon RuralMukunda Aananda Rote 162Malad WestDeepak Pandurang Pawar (Pappa)
16ErandolDadaso. Patil Narendra Jayvir 163GoregaonSharad Keshav Sawant
17ChalisgaonJadhav Rakesh Lalchand 164VersovaManish Dhuri
18PachoraBhausaheb Dilip Mukundrao Patil 165Andheri WestRaiees Lashkaria
19JamnerRajput Vilas Dhansing 166Andheri EastDalvi Sandeep Sitaram
20MuktainagarSangalkar Rajendra Dagadu 167Vile ParleSuhas Narayan Shinde
22BuldhanaSanjay Rambhau Gaikwad168ChandivaliIshwar Devram Tayade
23ChikhliKharpas Vinod Bhaskarrao 169Ghatkopar WestDilip Bhausaheb Lande
24Sindkhed RajaWagh Vinod Laxman 170Ghatkopar EastNarkar Satish Ratnakar
27Jalgaon JamodWagh Gajanan Namdevrao171Mankhurd Shivaji NagarSuhail Sayyed Ashraf
28AkotPradeep Ganeshrao Gawande172Anushakti NagarVeena Rajesh Ukrande
30Akola WestPankaj Dnyanesh Sable 173ChemburSarika Manoj Sawant-Thadani
31Akola EastVinod Pralhadrao Raut 174KurlaSnehal Sudhir Jadhav
32MurtijapurRama Supadaji Umbarkar 175KalinaChandrakant Genu More
33RisodRauj Patil Raje176Vandre EastShilpa Atul Sarpotdar
34WashimDnyaneshwar Namdeo Jadhav 177Vandre WestTushar Madhav Aphale
35KaranjaRanjit Shersing Jadhav 178DharaviGanesh Chandrakant Khade
36Dhamangaon RailwayDnyneshwar Dhane Patil 179Sion KoliwadaBaba Kadam
39TeosaAkash Anil Warhade 180WadalaAnand Prabhu
40DaryapurChandan Gopalkrushna Ramkrushna181MahimNitin Sardesai
42AchalpurPraffulla Shriram Patil182WorliKudtarkar Viajy Bhau
43MorshiSanju Panditrao Deshmukh183ShivadiBala Nandgaonkar
46HinganghatAtul Namdeorao Wandile 184BycullaSanjay Naik
47WardhaAjay Namdevrao Hedau 185Malabar HillAdv.Rajendra Adhik Shirodkar
48KatolDilip Charandas Gaikwad 186MumbadeviImtiaz Z. Anis
49SavnerPramod Namdevrao Dhole 187ColabaArvind Dnyaneshwar Gawde
50HingnaKishor (Narendra) Vinayakrao Saraykar188PanvelKesarinath Vinayak Patil
51UmredKambale Rajesh Digambar189KarjatJ.P.Patil
55Nagpur CentralShrawan Tukaram Khapekar190UranAtul Prashuram Bhagat
56Nagpur WestPrashant Prabhakar Pawar 191PenGovardhan Polsani
57Nagpur NorthRitesh Kisan Meshram194MahadSurendra Kashiram Chavan
59RamtekYogesh Raghunath Wadibhasme 195JunnarSharaddada Bhimaji Sonavane
60TumsarShahare Vijay Ramkrushna197Khed AlandiAjay Namdev Thigale
61BhandaraManohar Shioprasad Kharole198ShirurBhondave Sandip Uttam
68GadchiroliRanjita Vilas Kodap 199DaundRajaram Maruti Tambe
70RajuraSudhakar Tarachand Rathod 204MavalMangesh Dnyaneshwar Walunj
71ChandrapurSunita Bhagwan Gaikwad 205ChinchwadAnant Subhash Korhale
72BallarpurAdv. Sau. Harshal Kumar Chiplunkar206PimpriAnita Dattatraya Sonawane
73BrahmapuriVishwas Rangrao Deshmukh 207BhosariChikhale Sachin Tukaram
74ChimurArvind Aatmaram Sandekar208Vadgaol SheriNarayan Mohan Galande
75WaroraDr. Anil Laxmanrao Bujone209ShivajinagarRaju Alias Dattatray Pawar
76WaniRaju Madhukarrao Umbarkar210KothrudAdv.Kishor Nana Shinde
78YavatmalRajane Bhanudas Bapuraoji 211KhadakwasalaRajabhau Murlidhar Laygude
82UmarkhedMaroti Kanbaji Sunkalawad212ParvatiJayraj Babanrao Landge
83KinwatPawar Dhanlal Dudhram 213HadapsarBhangire Pramod Alias Nana Vasant
84HadgaonSarda Suresh Mohanlal214Pune CantonmentAjay Maganlal Tayade
86Nanded NorthDharmbhushan Adv. Dilip Thakur 215Kasba PethDhangekar Ravindra Hemraj
87Nanded SouthMarawar Prakash Ramrao221NevasaMote Dilip Uttamrao
88LohaChavan Rohidas Khobraji222ShevgaonKhedkar Devidas Limbaji
90DeglurSuryawanshi Parvatibai W/O Irba 224ParnerMohanrao Shankar Randhawan
93KalamnuriAdkine Sunil Madhavrao 228GeoraiMote Rajendra Kachru
94HingoliOmprakash Govindrao Kotkar 229MajalgaonDr.Sarwade Bhagwan Khanderao
96ParbhaniDudhgaonkar Vinod Limbajirao 230BeedDhande Sunil Suryabhan
97GangakhedBalaji Ramrao Desai 231AshtiKakade Vaibhav Chandrakant
98PathriHaribhau Vitthalrao Lahane 232KaijYashwant Babasaheb Ujgare
99ParturComred Khandare Maruti Vitthalrao233ParliAghav Sanjay Uttamrao
100GhansawangiArdad Sunil Kacharubappa 234Latur RuralSantosh Ganpatrao Nagargoje
101JalnaRavindra Haribhau Raut235Latur CityShivprasad Shriniwas Malu
102BadnapurGaikwad Dnyaneshwar Maroti (Mauli)236AhmadpurOm Ramlinga Pune
103BhokardanWagh Dilip Sheshrao237UdgirAdv. Kokne Shivaji Laxman
104SillodKale Dipali Madhukar238NilangaAbhay Satishrao Salunke
105KannadSubhash Patil239AusaBalaji Gopalrao Gire
106PhulambriBhaskar Jagnanath Gadekar240UmargaProf.Vijay Maruti Kshirsagar
107Aurangabad CentralRajgaurav Haridas Wankhede241TuljapurDevanand Sahebrao Rochakari
108Aurangabad WestGautam Ramesh Aamrao242OsmanabadYadav Sanjaykumar Aatmaram
109Aurangabad EastSumeet Shyam Khambekar243ParandaGanesh Dattatray Shendge
110PaithanSunil Shivaji Shinde244KarmalaJaleendar Gokool Jadhav
111GangapurPatel Badsha Abdul247MoholGavali Deepak Appaso
112VaijapurDangode Kalyan Dnyaneshwar248Solapur City NorthAnil Chotelal Vyas
113NandgaonAdv. Sanap Jayant Shivaji249Solapur City CentralSattar (Pailwan) Usman Sayyed
115Malegaon OuterSandeep (Bapu) Santosh Patil250AkkalkotShabdi Faruk Maqbool
116BaglanMali Bapu Shrawan251Solapur SouthYouvraj Sudhakar Chumbalkar
118ChandwadNavalkishor Annasaheb Shinde252PandharpurMane Jaywant Mohanrao
121NiphadHolkar Subhash Sampatrao254MalshirasSathe Kiran Tanaji
122DindoriSudhakar Dhondiram Raut256WaiMayur Prakash Nal
123Nashik EastRamesh Shankar Dhongade (R.D)257KoregaonYuvaraj Ramchandra Pawar
124Nashik CentralVasant (Bhau) Nivrutti Gite258ManDhairyashil Shahaji (Patil) Katte
125Nashik WestBhosale Nitin Keshavrao259Karad NorthRaju Shankar Kenjale
126DeolaliMehrolia Pratap Rohtash260Karad SouthAdv. Vikas Rajaram Pawar
127IgatpuriLachake Prakash Aappa261PatanRavindra Shankar Shelar
128DahanuVadhiya Vijay Devji262SataraRahul Murlidhar Pawar
129VikramgadBharat Pandurag Hajare263DapoliKhedekar Vaibhav Sadanand
130PalgharJagannath Kisan Vartha270SawantwadiUparkar (Ji) Parshuram
131BoisarVasant Raghu Ravate271ChandgadDivakar Tukaram Patil
132NalasoparaMandavkar Vijay Sonu273KagalModekar Ajit Sadashiv
133VasaiSwapnil Santosh Nar274Kolhapur SouthRaju Aanadrao Dindorle
134Bhiwandi RuralDashrath Dundaram Patil275KarvirAmit Ganapati Patil
135ShahapurDyaneshwar Nivrutti Talpade276Kolhapur NorthSalokhe Suresh Balvant
138Kalyan WestPrakash Sukhdev Bhoir277ShahuwadiSanjay Shamrao Patil
140AmbernathDr. Vikas Tukaram Kamble278HatkanangleRanjeet Sadanand Bhosale
141UlhasnagarSachin Kadam279IchalkaranjiMohan Pandurang Malvankar
142Kalyan EastNitin Maharu Nikam281MirajSonawane Nitin Raghunath
143DombivaliHarishchandra Kacharu Patil282SangliAdv. Swati Nitin Shinde
144Kalyan RuralRamesh Ratan Patil283IslampurUdaysingh Pandarinath Patil
146Ovala - MajiwadaChavan Sudhakar Waman285Palus-KadegaonAnkush Vasant Patil
147Kopri-PachpakhadiSejal Sanjay Kadam286KhanapurBhaktraj Raghunath Thigale
148ThaneNilesh Harishchandra Chavan287Tasgaon-Kavathe MahankalKhade Sudhakar Dnyaneshwar
149Mumbra-KalwaMahesh Salavi288JatBhausaheb Pandurang Kolekar
150AiroliKhabale Gajanan Shamrao  

List of NCP MLA Candidates for Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

AC No.AC NameCandidate NameAC. No.AC. No.Candidate Name
1AkkalkuwaParadake Vijaysing Rupsing 145Mira BhayandarGilbert Mendonca
2ShahadaGavit Rajendrakumar Krushnarao 146Ovala - MajiwadaHanmant Dhyanu Jagdale
3NandurbarValvi Vikas Dulji147Kopri-PachpakhadiBipin Kamalu Mahale
4NawapurGavit Sharad Krushnarao 148ThaneAdv.Davkhare Niranjan Vasant
5SakriNaike Dilip Shashikumar 149Mumbra-KalwaAwhad Jitendra Satish
6Dhule RuralPatil Kiran Gulabrao 150AiroliSandeep Ganesh Naik
7Dhule CityKadambande Rajwardhan Raghujirao151BelapurGanesh Naik
8SindkhedaBedse Sandeep Trayambakrao 152BorivaliAdv. Inderpal Singh
9ShirpurPadvi Jaywant Pratap 153DahisarHarish Bhujang Shetty
10ChopdaPatil Madhuri Kishor 154MagathaneSachin Shinde
11RaverAbdul Gaffar Malik 155MulundNandkumar Atmaram Vaity
12BhusawalZalte Rajesh Dhanaji 156VikhroliSanjay Dina Patil
13Jalgaon CityChaudhari Manoj Dayaram 157Bhandup WestLal Bahadur Singh
14Jalgaon RuralDevkar Gulabrao Baburao 158Jogeshwari EastTawde Dinkar Hiroji
15AmalnerKrushibhushan Sahebrao Patil 159DindoshiRaorane Ajit Balkrishna
16ErandolAnnasaheb Dr. Satish Bhaskarrao Patil160Kandivali EastShrikant R. Mishra
17ChalisgaonDeshmukh Rajiv Anil161CharkopSandesh Laxman Kondvilkar
18PachoraDilip Onkar Wagh 162Malad WestSunilbhau Shinde
19JamnerPatil Digambar Keshav 163GoregaonShashank Rao
20MuktainagarArun Pandurang Patil 164VersovaNarendra Verma
21MalkapurSantosh Sahebrao Raipure 165Andheri WestAlpana Dipak Painter
22BuldhanaNaresh Rajaram Shelake166Andheri EastAkhilesh Singh
23ChikhliDhrupadrao Bhagawan Savle 167Vile ParleIndulkar Yogesh Anant
24Sindkhed RajaKhedekar Rekha Purushottam 168ChandivaliSharad Pawar
25MehkarAshwini Shivcharan Akhade 169Ghatkopar WestHarun Yusuf Khan
26KhamgaonNana Niinbaji Kokare170Ghatkopar EastRakhi Harishchandra Jadhav
27Jalgaon JamodDhokane Prakash Tulshiramji171Mankhurd Shivaji NagarRajendra Waman Waghmare
28AkotRaju Vitthalrao Boche172Anushakti NagarNawab Malik
29BalapurHidayat Khan Rum Khan 173ChemburRavindra Pawar
30Akola WestDeshmukh Vijay Pundlikrao 174KurlaMilind (Anna) Kamble
31Akola EastDhotre Shirish Vasantrao 175KalinaKaptan Malik
32MurtijapurDr. Sudhir Sahebrao Vilhekar 176Vandre EastSantosh Tukaram Dhuwali
33RisodBabarao Sahebrao Patil (Khadse)177Vandre WestAsif Bhamla
34WashimDr. Dipak Yashvantrao Dhoke 178DharaviGovind Bhikhabhai Parmar
35KaranjaSubhash Pandhrinath Thakare 179Sion KoliwadaPrasad Minesh Lad
36Dhamangaon RailwayPramod Tarhekar 180WadalaAppa Alias Pramod Shivaji Patil
38AmravatiKharkar Ganesh Bapurao 181MahimRamesh Parab
39TeosaProf. Sahebrao Ramchandra Tatte 182WorliAhir Sachin Mohan
40DaryapurDinesh Ganeshdas Boob183ShivadiNandakumar Katkar
41MelghatRajkumar Dayaram Patel185Malabar HillRane Narendra Murari
42AchalpurDeshmukh Wasudhatai Pundlik186MumbadeviHuzefa Electricwala
43MorshiHarshvardhan Pratapsinh Deshmukh187ColabaPatel Bashir Musa
44ArviSandeep Dilip Kale188PanvelSunil Narayan Gharat
45DeoliShashank Gangadharrao Ghodmare189KarjatSuresh Narayan Lad
46HinganghatProf. Raju Alias Mohan Wasudev Timande190UranPrashant Balkrushan Patil
47WardhaSuresh Bapuraoji Deshmukh 191PenJambhale Sanjay Janardan
48KatolAnil Deshmukh 192AlibagMahesh Harishchandra Mohite
49SavnerChaudhari Kishor Shankarrao 193ShrivardhanAvadhut Anil Tatkare
50HingnaBang Rameshchandra Gopikisan194MahadAmbonkar Uday Anant
51UmredFule Ramesh Baburao195JunnarAtul Vallabh Benke
52Nagpur South WestDilip Pankule196AmbegaonDilip Dattatray Walse Patil
53Nagpur SouthDinanath Padole197Khed AlandiDilip Dattatray Mohite
54Nagpur EastDuneshwar Suryabhanji Pethe 198ShirurAshok Ravsaheb Pawar
55Nagpur CentralMohd. Kamil Ansari199DaundRameshrao Kisan Thorat
56Nagpur WestPragati Ajay Patil 200IndapurDattatray Vithoba Bharne
57Nagpur NorthVishal Vasanta Khandekar201BaramatiAjit Anantrao Pawar
58KamthiDr. Mahendra Tikaram Lodhi202PurandarAshok Kondiba Tekawade
59RamtekDr. Amol Ranjeet Deshmukh 203BhorVikram Kashinath Khutwad
60TumsarKukade Madhukar Yashwantrao204MavalDnyanoba Alias Mauli Dabhade
61BhandaraFulekar Sachchidanand Hiraman205ChinchwadVitthal Alias Nana Kate
62SakoliFunde Sunil Baburao206PimpriAnna Dadu Bansode
63Arjuni MorgaonManohar Govardhan Chandrikapure207BhosariVilas Vithoba Lande
64TiroraTurkar Rajlaxmi Rajeshkumar 208Vadgaol SheriBapusaheb Tukaram Pathare
65GondiaAshok Gappu Laxminarayan Gupta209ShivajinagarAnil Shivajirao Bhosale
66AmgaonTaram Ramesh Narayan210KothrudBaburao Dattoba Chandere
67ArmoriNarayan Wati211KhadakwasalaBarate Dilip Prabhakar
68GadchiroliAtram Bhagyashri Dharmraobaba 212ParvatiJagtap Subhash Digambar
69AheriAtram Dharmaraobaba Bhagwantrao213HadapsarChetan Vitthal Tupe
70RajuraNimkar Sudarshan Bhagwanrao 214Pune CantonmentBhagwan Shivram Vairat
71ChandrapurAshok Namdeorao Nagpure 215Kasba PethDeepak Mankar
72BallarpurWaman Dauji Zhade216AkolePichad Vaibhav Madhukar
73BrahmapuriSandeep Wamanrao Gaddamwar 217SangamnerAbasaheb Sambhajirao Thorat
74ChimurAdv. Govind Baburao Bhendarkar218ShirdiShekhar Bhaskarrao Borhade
75WaroraJayant Moreshwar Temurde219KopargaonAshok Vijay Gaikwad
76WaniDerkar Sanjay Nilkanthrao220ShrirampurGaikwad Sunita Milind
77RalegaonMilind Prabhakar Dhurve221NevasaGadakh Shankarrao Yashwantrao
78YavatmalSandeep Rameshchandra Bajoriya 222ShevgaonGhule Chandrashekhar Marutraoji
79DigrasVasant Vishvasrao Ghuikhedkar223RahuriGade Shivajiraje Rambhau
80ArniVishnu Shankarrao Ukande 224ParnerSujit Vasantrao Zaware Patil
81PusadNaik Manohar Rajusing225Ahmednagar CitySangram Arunkaka Jagtap
82UmarkhedMohanrao Vitthalrao More226ShrigondaJagtap Rahul Kundlikrao
83KinwatJadhav Pradeep Naik 227Karjat JamkhedPhalke Jaysingrao Anandrao
84HadgaonDeshmukh Prataprao Vinayakrao228GeoraiPandit Badamrao Lahurao
85BhokarDeshmukh Dharmraj Ganpatrao 229MajalgaonPrakash Sundarrao Solanke (Dada)
86Nanded NorthKadam Sunil Shamrao 230BeedKshirsagar Jaydattaji Sonajirao
87Nanded SouthPandurang Balaji Kakde231AshtiDhas Suresh Ramchandra
88LohaShankaranna Dhondge232KaijNamita Akshay Mundada
89NaigaonDeshmukh Shriniwas Balajirao233ParliDhananjay Panditrao Munde
90DeglurWadekar Maroti Mashnaji 234Latur RuralAshabai Shivajirao Bhise
91MukhedPole Ramchandra Kashiram 235Latur CityPathan Murtujakhan Basidkhan
92BasmathJaiprakash Raosaheb Dandegaonkar236AhmadpurBabasaheb Mohanrao Patil
93KalamnuriShivaji Gyanbarao Mane 237UdgirSanjay Baburao Bansode
94HingoliChavan Dilip Baburao 238NilangaBaswaraj Malashetti Patil(Nagralkar)
95JinturBhambale Vijay Manikrao239AusaBuke Rajeshwar Vaijnath
96ParbhaniPratap Deshmukh 240UmargaDr. Gaikwad Sanjay Atmaram
97GangakhedMadhusudan Manikrao Kendre 241TuljapurGore Jeevanrao Vishwanathrao
98PathriAbdullah Khan A.Latif Khan Durrani242OsmanabadRana Jagjit Sinha Patil
99ParturRajesh Atmaram Sarkate 243ParandaMote Rahul Maharudra
100GhansawangiRajeshbhaiyya Tope 244KarmalaBagal Rashmee Digambar
101JalnaThakur Khushalsingh Nandkishorsingh245MadhaShinde Babanrao Vitthalrao
102BadnapurChaudhari Roopkumar(Bablu) Nehrulal246BarshiDilip Gangadhar Sopal
103BhokardanChandrakant Pundlikrao Danave247MoholRamesh Nagnath Kadam
104SillodMankar Raju Dinkar248Solapur City NorthMahesh Chandrakant Gadekar
105KannadUdaysing Sardarsing Rajput249Solapur City CentralLolge Vidya Milind
106PhulambriAnuradha Atul Chavhan250AkkalkotDilip(Bhau) Kerba Siddhe
107Aurangabad CentralPatil Vinod Narayan251Solapur SouthBalasaheb Bhimashankar Shelke
108Aurangabad WestMilind Yashwantrao Dabhade252PandharpurChandrakant Prabhakar Bagal
109Aurangabad EastZuber Amanullah Motivala254MalshirasDolas Hanumant Jagannath
110PaithanWaghchaure Sanjay Alias Raosaheb Yadavrao255PhaltanChavan Dipak Pralhad
111GangapurKrishna Sahebrao Pa. Dongaonkar256WaiJadhav (Patil) Makrand Laxmanrao
112VaijapurBhausaheb Patil Chikatgaonkar257KoregaonShinde Shashikant Jaywantrao
113NandgaonPankaj Chhagan Bhujbal258ManSadashiva Aabaji Pol
114Malegaon CentralMufti Mohammad Ismail Kasami259Karad NorthPatil Shamrao alias Balaso Pandurang
115Malegaon OuterGaikwad Sunil (Aaba)Babulal261PatanPatankar Satyajit Vikramsinh
116BaglanChavan Dipika Sanjay262SataraBhonsle Shivendrasinh Abhaysinh
117KalwanArjun Tulshiram Pawar263DapoliKadam Sanjay Vasant
118ChandwadUttam Ganpat Bhalerao264GuhagarJadhav Bhaskar Bhaurao
119YevlaChhagan Bhujbal265Chiplun Shekhar Govindrao Nikam
120SinnarGarje Shubhangi Suresh266RatnagiriBasheer Ameen Murtuza
121NiphadBankar Diliprao Shankarrao267RajapurAjit Ramesh Yashwantrao
122DindoriZirwal Narhari Sitaram268KankavliAtul Suresh Raorane
123Nashik EastPingale Devidas Anandrao269KudalPushpasen Sawant
124Nashik CentralKhaire Vinayak(Nayya) Dattatray270SawantwadiDalvi Suresh Yashawant
125Nashik WestShivaji (Appa) Pandurang Chumbhale271ChandgadDesai - Kupekar Sandhyadevi Krushnarao
126DeolaliNitin Nivrutti Mohite272RadhanagariK. P. Patil
127IgatpuriKhoskar Hiraman Bhika273KagalMushrif Hasan Miyalal
128DahanuKashinath Govind Chaudhari276Kolhapur NorthRausaheb Khanderao Alais R. K. Powar
129VikramgadBhusara Sunil Chandrakat277ShahuwadiPatil Babasaheb Panditrao (Asurlekar)
134Bhiwandi RuralGhatal Mahadev Ambo278HatkanangleGhatge Dattatray Vishnu
135ShahapurBarora Pandurang Mahadu279IchalkaranjiKarande Madan Sitaram
136Bhiwandi WestAbdul Rashid Mohammad Tahir Momin280ShirolRajendra Shamgonda Patil (Yadravkar)
137Bhiwandi EastMohammad Khalid Guddu281MirajHonmore Balaso Dattatray
138Kalyan WestSanjay Haribhau Patil282SangliPatil Suresh Adgonda
139MurbadGotiram Padu Pawar283IslampurJayant Rajaram Patil
140AmbernathMahesh Tapase284ShiralaMansing Fattesing Naik
141UlhasnagarJyoti Pappu Kalani285Palus-KadegaonSurekha Pratap Lad
142Kalyan EastNilesh Shivaji Shinde286KhanapurAbasaheb Alias Amarsinh Narsinghrao Deshmukh
143DombivaliVikas Gajanan Mhatre287Tasgaon-Kavathe MahankalAdv. R.R.Patil Alias Raosaheb Ramrao Patil
144Kalyan RuralVandarshet Pundlik Patil288JatPrakash (Anna) Shivajirao Shendage

List of SHS MLA Candidates for Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

AC No.AC NameCandidate NameAC. No.AC. No.Candidate Name
1AkkalkuwaAamshya Fulji Padavi 144Kalyan RuralBhoir Subhash Ganu
2ShahadaNaik Suresh Sumersing 145Mira BhayandarPrabhakar Padmakar Mhatre
3NandurbarVirendra Ravji Valvi146Ovala - MajiwadaPratap Baburao Sarnaik
4NawapurJyotsna Dilip Gavit 147Kopri-PachpakhadiEknath Sambhaji Shinde
5SakriPawar Chudaman Daga 148ThaneRavindra Sadanand Phatak
6Dhule RuralProf. Patil Sharad Madhavrao 149Mumbra-KalwaDasharath Kashinath Patil
7Dhule CityDeore Subhash Shivajirao150AiroliChougule Vijay Laxman
8SindkhedaGirase Rajendrasing Ramsing 151BelapurVijay Nahata
9ShirpurPawara Ranjitsinh Bharatsinh 152BorivaliAgarwal Uttamprakash Ca
10ChopdaSonawane Chandrakant Baliram 153DahisarGhosalkar Vinod Ramchandra
11RaverMahajan Pralhad Ramdas 154MagathanePrakash Surve
12BhusawalBrahmane Sanjay Pandit 155MulundPrabhakar Shinde
13Jalgaon CitySureshkumar Jain 156VikhroliSunil Rajaram Raut
14Jalgaon RuralGulab Raghunath Patil157Bhandup WestAshok Patil
15AmalnerAnil Ambar Patil 158Jogeshwari EastRavindra Dattaram Waikar
16ErandolPatil Chimanrao Rupchand 159DindoshiSunil Prabhu
17ChalisgaonRamdas Motiram Patil160Kandivali EastAmol Gajanan Kirtikar
18PachoraKishor Appa Patil 161CharkopShubhada Subhash Gudekar
19JamnerSubhash Dagadu Tanwar 162Malad WestDr. Vinay Jain
20MuktainagarPatil Chandrakant Nimba 163GoregaonSubhash Desai
21MalkapurVasant Rambhau Bhojane 165Andheri WestJaywant Mahadev Parab
22BuldhanaVijayraj Haribhau Shinde166Andheri EastRamesh Latke
23ChikhliDr. Pratapsing Dalsing Rajput 167Vile ParleShashikant Govind Patkar
24Sindkhed RajaDr. Khedekar Shashikant Narsingrao168ChandivaliSingh Santosh Ramniwas
25MehkarRaimulkar Sanjay Bhashkar 169Ghatkopar WestSudhir Sayaji More
26KhamgaonHursad Haridas Ramdas170Ghatkopar EastJagdish Chagan Chaudhari
27Jalgaon JamodSantosh Ananda Ghatol171Mankhurd Shivaji NagarSuresh Krishnarao Patil
28AkotSanjay Laxman Gawande172Anushakti NagarTukaram Ramkrushna Kate
29BalapurKalin Wamanrao Lande 173ChemburPrakash Vaikunth Phaterpekar
30Akola WestGawande Gulabrao Ramrao 174KurlaMangesh Kudalkar
31Akola EastGopikisan Radhakisan Bajoria 175KalinaSanjay Govind Potnis
32MurtijapurMahadev Bapurao Gawale 176Vandre EastPrakash (Bala) Vasant Sawant
33RisodSanap Vishwnath Ashruji177Vandre WestChawri Vilas Sitaram
34WashimNilesh Alias Shashikant Pendharkar178DharaviBaburao Mane
35KaranjaKawar Sudhirkumar Vittalrao 179Sion KoliwadaSatamkar Mangesh Shridhar
36Dhamangaon RailwaySiddheshwar Raghunathrao Chavan180WadalaDoke Hemant Umaji
37BadneraBand Sanjay Raosaheb 181MahimSada Sarvankar
38AmravatiBajad Pradeep Vishnupant 182WorliSunil Govind Shinde
39TeosaDinesh Vaikunthrao Wankhade 183ShivadiAjay Choudhari
40DaryapurCaptain Adsul Abhijit Anandrao185Malabar HillArvind (Arun) Devji Dudhwadkar
41MelghatMotilal Bhaiyyalal Kasdekar186MumbadeviSalekar Yugandhara Yashwant
42AchalpurThakare Surekha Surendra187ColabaPandurang Ganpat Sakpal
43MorshiYawalkar Umesh Atmaramji188PanvelGharat Vasudev Krushna
44ArviDeshmukh Nilesh Madhukarrao189KarjatPingale Hanumant Yashwant
45DeoliNilesh Ramesh Gulhane190UranManohar Gajanan Bhoir
46HinganghatAshok Shamraoji Shinde 191PenKishor Otarmal Jain
47WardhaBalpande Ravikant Pandurang 192AlibagDalvi Mahendra Hari
48KatolRajendra Manohar Harne193ShrivardhanRavi Munde
49SavnerVinod Bapurao Jivtode (Guruji) 194MahadGogawale Bharat Maruti
50HingnaPrakashbhau Jadhao195JunnarAshatai Dattatray Buchke
51UmredAbhyankar Jagannath Motiram196AmbegaonArun Govindrao Gire
52Nagpur South WestPanju Kishanchand Totwani197Khed AlandiGore Suresh Namdeo
53Nagpur SouthPandav Kiran Krushnarao198ShirurSatav Sanjay Amrutrav
54Nagpur EastDalal Ajay Anant 199DaundRajendra Shankar Khati
55Nagpur CentralSatish Namdeoraoji Harade200IndapurBondre Vishal Shivram
56Nagpur WestAmbhore Vikas Damodhar 201BaramatiAdv.Rajendra Dattatraya Kale
58KamthiTapeshwar Pundalik Vaidhya202PurandarVijaybapu Shivtare
59RamtekAshish Nandakishor Jaiswal 203BhorKuldip Sudam Konde
60TumsarPatle Rajendra Sahasram204MavalMacchindra Babanrao Kharade
61BhandaraNarendra Bhojraj Bhondekar205ChinchwadKalate Rahul Tanaji
62SakoliDr.Prashant Yadorao Padole206PimpriAdv.Chabukswar Gautam Sukhdeo
63Arjuni MorgaonKiran Yashwant Kamble207BhosariUbale Sulabha Rambhau
64TiroraBisen Pancham Tanuji 208Vadgaol SheriTingare Sunil Vijay
65GondiaKuthe Rajkumar Sampatrao 209ShivajinagarMilind Ramakant Ekbote
66AmgaonGawrane Mulchand Harichand210KothrudChandrakant Balbhim Mokate
67ArmoriMadavi Ramkrushna Hariji211KhadakwasalaDeshpande Sham Prabhakar
68GadchiroliKesari Rushiji Usendi 212ParvatiTaware Sachin (Anna) Sham
69AheriRamshaha Madavi 213HadapsarBabar Mahadeo Ramchandra
70RajuraHemant Vairagade214Pune CantonmentWadekar Parshuram Balkrushna
71ChandrapurKishor Gajanan Jorgewar 215Kasba PethBadhe Prashant Laxman
72BallarpurKeshav Beniram Katre216AkoleTalpade Madhukar Shankar
73BrahmapuriBanbale Devidas Narayanrao 217SangamnerAaher Janardan Mhatarba
74ChimurButke Gajanan Tukaram218ShirdiAbhay Dattatraya Shelke
75WaroraSuresh Urf Balubhau Narayan Dhanorkar219KopargaonAashutosh Ashokrao Kale
76WaniNandekar Vishvas Ramchandra220ShrirampurKanade Lahu Natha
77RalegaonUttam Ravaji Madavi221NevasaSahebrao Haribhau Ghadge Patil
78YavatmalSantosh Marotrao Dhavale 222ShevgaonDhakane Babasaheb Uttam
79DigrasRathod Sanjay Dulichand223RahuriDr.Usha Prasadrao Tanpure
80ArniSandip Prabhakarrao Dhurve 224ParnerAuti Vijayrao Bhaskarrao
81PusadDeosarkar Prakashrao Abaji225Ahmednagar CityAnil Bhayya Ramkisan Rathod
82UmarkhedShivshankar Shrawan Pandhare226ShrigondaGade(Sir) Shashikant Madhavrao
83KinwatDr. B. D. Chavan 227Karjat JamkhedKhade Ramesh Bhivrao
84HadgaonAshtikar Patil Nagesh Bapurao228GeoraiAjay Ramkishn Dabhade
85BhokarBaban Alias (Khobaji) Ramrao Barse229MajalgaonSolanke Satish Narayanrao
86Nanded NorthDeshmukh Milind Uttamrao ( Chate )230BeedAnil Manikrao Jagtap
87Nanded SouthHemant Shriram Patil 231AshtiAshok Ramkisan Dahiphale
88LohaChikhalikar Prataprao Govindrao232KaijKalpana Ramesh Narhire
89NaigaonAmbadwar Babarao Jamanaji234Latur RuralHaribhau Namdeo Sabde
90DeglurSabane Subhash Peraji 235Latur CityPappubhai Alias Shripad Kulkarni
91MukhedLohbande Venkat Mangaji 236AhmadpurAshok Pandharinath Mundhe
92BasmathMundada Jaiprakash Shankarlal 237UdgirAdavale Ramchandra Madhavrao
93KalamnuriGajanan Vitthalrao Ghuge 238NilangaDr. Shobhatai Vaijanath Benjarge
94HingoliDeshmukh Dinkar Pralhadrao 239AusaDinkar Baburao Mane
95JinturPatil (Kharabe) Ram Sukhdev240UmargaChougule Dnyanraj Dhondiram
96ParbhaniDr. Rahul Vedprakash Patil 241TuljapurPatil Sudhir Keshavrao
97GangakhedDr. Dalnar Shivaji Vitthalrao 242OsmanabadRajenimbalkar Omprakash Bhupalsinha
98PathriMeera Kalyanrao Renge 243ParandaPatil Dnyaneshwar Raosaheb
99ParturSakhare Somnath Vaijanath 244KarmalaPatil Narayan Govindrao
100GhansawangiHikmat Udhan 245MadhaSawant Shivaji Jaywant
101JalnaArjun Panditrao Khotkar246BarshiRajendra Vitthal Raut
102BadnapurSantosh Vasantlal Sambre247MoholShejwal Manoj Bhaskar
103BhokardanGavhad Rameshrao Patilba248Solapur City NorthKhandare Uttamprakash Baburao
104SillodMirakar Sunil Prabhakarrao249Solapur City CentralKothe Mahesh Vishnupant
105KannadJadhav Harshvardhan Raibhan250AkkalkotPawar Manojkumar Somalu
106PhulambriThombre Rajendra Gangadhar251Solapur SouthGanesh Prakash Vankar
107Aurangabad CentralPradeep Shivnarayan Jaiswal252PandharpurAutade Samadhan Mahadev
108Aurangabad WestSanjay Shirsat253SangoleAdv. Shahajibapu Rajaram Patil
109Aurangabad EastKala Oza Ravinandan Sau254MalshirasSarwade Laxman Vitthal
110PaithanBhumre Sandipanrao Aasaram255PhaltanDr. Nandkumar Yadavrao Tasgaonkar
111GangapurAmbadas Eknathrao Danve256WaiBavalekar Dattaray Maruti (D.M)
112VaijapurR. M. Wani257KoregaonChaware Hanmant Baba
113NandgaonSuhas Dvarakanath Kande258ManRanjeet Dhairyashil Deshmukh
114Malegaon CentralSajid Akhtar Aitejaduddin259Karad NorthNarendra Mohanrao Patil
115Malegaon OuterDadaji Dagadu Bhuse260Karad SouthDr. Ajeenkya D. Y. Patil
116BaglanSadhana Vasant Gavali261PatanDesai Shambhuraj Shivajirao
117KalwanWaghmare Bharat Laxman262SataraDagadu Haribhau Sakpal
118ChandwadAher Nitin Raghunath263DapoliDalvi Suryakant Shivram
119YevlaPawar Sambhaji Sahebrao264GuhagarBhosle Vijaykumar Ganpat
120SinnarRajabhau (Parag) Prakash Waje265Chiplun Chavan Sadanand Narayan
121NiphadAnil Sahebrao Kadam266RatnagiriUday Ravindra Samant
122DindoriDhanraj Haribahu Mahale267RajapurSalvi Rajan Prabhakar
123Nashik EastChandrakant (Raju Anna)Pandurang Lavte268KankavliSubhash Mayekar
124Nashik CentralBoraste Ajay Bhaskarrao269KudalNaik Vaibhav Vijay
125Nashik WestBadgujar Sudhakar Bhika270SawantwadiDeepak Vasant Kesarkar
126DeolaliGholap Yogesh (Bapu) Babanrao271ChandgadNarsingrao Gurunath Patil
127IgatpuriZhole Shivram Shankar272RadhanagariAbitkar Prakash Anandrao
128DahanuNam Shankar Sakharam273KagalGhatage Sanjay Anandrao
129VikramgadPrakash Krushna Nikam274Kolhapur SouthVijay Shamrao Devane
130PalgharGhoda Krushna Arjun275KarvirNarke Chandradeep Shashikant
131BoisarKamalakar Anya Dalavi276Kolhapur NorthRajesh Vinayakrao Kshirsagar
132NalasoparaChavan Shirish Jayram277ShahuwadiSatyajeet Babasaheb Patil (Aba) Sarudkar
134Bhiwandi RuralShantaram Tukaram More278HatkanangleDr. Minchekar Sujit Vasantrao
135ShahapurDaulat Bhika Daroda279IchalkaranjiMurlidhar Raghunath Jadhav
136Bhiwandi WestKatekar Manoj Motiram280ShirolPatil Ulhas Sambhaji
137Bhiwandi EastRupesh Laxman Mhatre281MirajSatpute Tanaji Anandrao
138Kalyan WestVijay (Bandya) Jagnnath Salvi282SangliPawar Pruthviraj Sambhaji
139MurbadWaman Barku Mhatre284ShiralaNandkishor Ramchandra Nilkanth
140AmbernathDr. Balaji Kinikar285Palus-KadegaonGondil Pravin Alias Lalasaheb Narayan
141UlhasnagarBodare Dhananjay Baburao286KhanapurAnilbhau Babar
142Kalyan EastGopal Ramchandra Landge287Tasgaon-Kavathe MahankalMahesh (Bhau) Yashawant Kharade
143DombivaliDipesh Pundalik Mhatre288JatSangamesh Malappa Teli

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Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

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