Term Papers On The Great Barrier Reef

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New global communities of concerned citizens can help protect iconic places such as the Great Barrier Reef. But the scope of these remote communities must extend beyond mere 'slacktivism'.

Adani is being seen as a test of Bill Shorten's commitment to policy integrity versus his willingness to say and do whatever is politically expedient.

Bill Shorten has taken a further step toward opposing the proposed Queensland Adani coal mine.

Politics Podcast: Bill Ferris on Australia’s innovation mission. CC BY46.8 MB(download)

Innovation and Science Australia chair Bill Ferris launched a report this week setting out a plan that seeks to put Australia into the top tier of innovation nations by 2030.

The federal government's new funding aims to spread the net wide in investigating possible ways to protect the Great Barrier Reef's corals. Winning this battle will require a wide range of weapons.

Imagine being one of the last few people alive. Would that make it ok to destroy the natural world? This thought experiment reveals the true value of nature, beyond the benefits to humans.

With 99% of green sea turtles in the northern Great Barrier Reef hatching as females due to changing climate, the future for this species now depends largely on effective global conservation measures.

The 2016 bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef was the worst on record. Now a new analysis points the finger squarely at human-induced warming, and warns that the entire reef's future is at stake.

A new study identifies dozens of individual reefs on the Great Barrier Reef that are especially important for coral larvae dispersal and which could help the entire ecosystem bounce back.

Explainer: mass coral spawning, a wonder of the natural world

Line K Bay, Australian Institute of Marine Science; Andrew Heyward, Australian Institute of Marine Science, and Andrew Negri, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Every year buoyant bundles rise from a spawning coral, giving the impression of an upside-down snowstorm.

Is Australia undervaluing its most valuable natural asset by only charging $6.50 a day to visit the Great Barrier Reef? And would it help if tourists were asked to pay more?

The Great Barrier Reef can repair itself, with a little help from science

Ken Anthony, Australian Institute of Marine Science; Britta Schaffelke, Australian Institute of Marine Science; Line K Bay, Australian Institute of Marine Science, and Madeleine van Oppen, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Corals on the Great Barrier Reef that are tolerant to warmer waters can be used to help repair other parts of the reef damaged by recent coral bleaching events.

The updated plan for improving water quality on the Great Barrier Reef still doesn't address the need to curb intensively farmed crops such as sugar cane, and to enforce existing environmental laws.

Mining social media posts from tourism hotspots such as coral reefs could turn tourists into environmental citizen scientists without them even realising it.

Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef could lead to increased vulnerability of Queensland coastal cities and towns, and not only through its impacts on the tourism industry.

Amid fears for the world's coral reefs, the UN World Heritage Committee has issued its most wide-ranging statement so far on protecting heritage sites from climate. But the problem doesn't end there.

The Great Barrier Reef has avoided being listed as "in danger" by UNESCO. But celebrating this is dangerously short-sighted.

Politics podcast: Anna Krien on the climate wars.

Anna Krien's latest Quarterly Essay explores the debates on climate change policy in Australia and the ecological effects of not acting.

A full valuation of the Great Barrier Reef leads to a number so high it is essentially not worth considering in economic terms.

Tropical coral reefs can be saved from climate change and other pressures, but the window of opportunity is closing. And reefs are guaranteed to be markedly different in the future.

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