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So I've gone through and given every character that has a nameplate in my build boxing ring titles and I'm posting it here for feedback on names you like or suggestions for a better name.

To come up with the names I looked through the ones already in the game to get an idea of the style of it. A lot of these are titles or alternative names for the characters because they are generally easy and effective. I searched through wikis for just about all of them, sometimes this was really helpful, other times it didn't help much.

Feel free to use any of these yourself, no need to credit me (a lot of these are copy and pasted from wikis anyway).

Here they are:

Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider

Is That a Pro Genji? - Genji

The Enraged Primate - Mankey

Survivor of the Genesis - Veemon

A Lombax from the Planet Fastoon - Ratchet

The Burning Heel - Incineroar

The Strongest Man in the World - White Beard

UAA's Resident Otaku - Travis Touchdown

Shyest of all the Specters - Boo

Vomit Boy - Jaune

The Browser Fire Fox - Braxien

The Rap Dog - Parrapa

Captain of the Royal Gaurd - Undyne

The Rarest Collectors - Banjo & Kazooie

Lord of the Demons - Ghirahim

Leader to all Sir Kibbles - Kibble Blade

The Doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates - Chopper

The Ultimate Betrayer - Magolor

Princess of Sarasaland - Daisy

Master of Disguise - Mimikyu

The Bellicose Oligochaeta - Worm

The Dual Wielding Director - Lloyd

The Half-Hatched Handful - Togepi

SEGAM Spellcaster - MAGES

Twisted Thunder - Elec Man

Wielder of The Sword of Mathildis - Aurora

The Legendary Freedom Fighter - Zero

It's not Easy Being Green - Kermit

Queen Alua - Kat

The Pink Punisher - Amy

Pokemon Thug - Team Skull Grunt

The Graviator Fused Fat Man - Wario-man

The Blue Blunder - Reckless Safety Man

The 4th Trial Captain - Mallow

Leader of the United Front - Nova

Guardian of the Litch Yard - Spectre Knight

Warrior of Dreamland - Bandana Dee

The Player - Steve

The Dark Deffender - Mega Charizard X

God of Aura - Mega Lucario

Utra Lord's Ultimate Fan - Sheen

YoRHa No.2 Type B - 2B

Straight from the Graveyard - Mr. Bones

Elite Member of Bowser's Koopa Troop - Hammer Bro

Exalt of the Halidom of Ylisse - Chrom

Secretary to the Mayor of Smashville - Isabelle

Wife of Pacman - Ms. Pacman

Leader of Team RWBY - Ruby

The Wingless Meatsheild - Kuriboh

Back from the Future - Quint

The Soloist Singer - Primarina

Guild Leader of Fuurinkazan - Klein

CEO of Rand Corporation - Iron Fist

Eggman's clunker - E-102 Gamma

He'll Blow Your Mind with his Silver Tongue - Yoyo

The Red Robot Ravanger - Metal Knuckles

Professional Gamer - D.Va

Lode Runner - Bomberman

Guardian of Scuttle Town - Shantae

The Reptilian Runt - Agumon

Spirit of the Sword - Fi

The Purple Punisher - Waluigi

Gender Diversity - Dixie Kong

Eggman's E-Series Extraordinaire - Omega

The Cosmos Themselves - Solgaleo & Lunala

Holding the Powers of Love and Life - Shreck

Former Division Leader of the First Unit of the Fenrir - Lindow

Explosion Waiting to Happen - Bob-Omb

The Heliophobic Harbinger - Zombie

Packing a Punch - Hitmonchan

Living in a Haunted Mansion - Ashley

Revealing his Secret Desires - Mr. L

Heiress of the Schnee Dust Company - Weiss

The Bashful Bruiser - Shy Guy

Cat Girl Rockstar - Felicia

Volt Tackle Baby - Pichu

Novice Astronaut - Louie

The Baby Pink Fairy - Igglybuff

Possessing the  Powers of Xel - Beck

Former Supply Runner of the Motel Survivors - Kenny

Cybernetic Special-Forces Space Pirate - Weavel

Ninja-in-Training - Ibuki

Everybody's Favorite Rival - Blue

The Blue Bot Brute - Metal Sonic

The Shadow Clone Master of Stealth - Blake

Sage of Earth - Medli

Champion of the Mushroom Derby - Boshi

The Loyal Clairvoyant - Gardevoir

Hero of Justice - Justimon

CPU of Lastation - Blackheart

The True Arena's Threat - Masked Dedede

The Ghost of Sparta - Kratos

King of Dry Bones - Dry Bowser

What if Zelda was a Girl? - Linkle

Hi Diddly Ho Neighborino - Ned Flanders

Champion of the Sinnoh League - Cynthia

The Headless Menace - Pumpkin Head

Member of the Imperial Knights - Flynn Scifo

Warrior of Dreamland - Bandana Dee

The Shopkeeper of Smashville - Tom Nook

Liar Monster Snappy Dresser - Bill Cipher

The Sorceress of the Valley - Cia

Commander of the Shroobs - Princess Shroob

The Orange Inflation - Pooka

Leader of the Crystal Gems - Rose

The Fire Dragon Slayer - Natsu

Leader of the Dragon Team - Goku

Vigilante, adventurer, photo-reporter - Spiderman

Hero of the Sharingan - Kakashi

The Stuffed Suffering - Tails Doll

Spider-Woman - Spider-Gwen

Hero of Time - Young Link

Founder of the Krusty Krab - Mr. Krabs

Leader of the Gerudo - Nabooru

The Subcon Eggshooter - Birdo

The Healer in the Fountain - Great Fairy

The Godly British Vampire - Dio

The Outspoken Objector - Phoenix Wright

Edgelord Extreme - Gladion

The Digital Devil of 2000 - Diaboromon

The Superhuman Gray Fighter - Machop

Ready to Build a Wall - Trumpindorf

The Mightiest Human Warrior - Magnus

Drooling Dark Matter - Gooey

King of the Kremlings - King K. Rool

Inventor of the Star Punch - Doc Louis

Fry Cook of The Krusty Krab - Spongebob

Code Name BRS - Stella

Marionette of the Shadow Bugs - Primid

The Fastest in Isle Delfino - Il Piantissimo

Puzzle Recalibrator Extraordinaire - Papyrus

The Matured Star Warrior - Kirby

Former Human - Kadabra

The Concrete Traveler - Baby Rosalina

The Thunderstone Terror - Raichu

Botanist on Behalf of Koppai - Brittany

The Hard Hat Harbinger - Mettaur

Lab Member 004 - Makise Kurisu

The Blue Bomber's Brother - Proto Man

The Most Powerful Earth Adept - Isaac

The Supreme Master of the Fist - Akuma

Hound of Visari - Colonel Radec

The Hollow-skulled Hectopascal - Neku

The Psychokinetic Protector - Silver

An Android Diva from the Near-Future - Hatsune Miku

A practitioner of the Ancient Code of Shovelry - Shovel Knight

The Best, Like No One Ever Was - Pokemon Trainer

The Cruddy Duo - Yooka & Laylee

Codename CV03 - Megurine Luka

Death of the Fourth Wall - Deadpool

The Flaming Fury - Blaziken

Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry - Dante

CEO of the Haltmann Works Company - Haltmann

The Beefy Bludgeoner - Galleom

Leader of Star Wolf - Wolf

Master of the Psycho Power - M. Bison

The Battle Bond Ninja - Ash Greninja

The Flame of Corruption - Sol Badguy

King of the Cannon Fodder - Goomba

The Hard-working Hunter of Whale Island - Gon Freecs

A Potential Digital Hazard - Guilmon

Hot Blooded Man from Edo Japan - Goemon

Console Patron Unit of Planeptune - Purple Heart

The Twin Blade Swordsman - Kirito

The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy - Galacta Knight

The Black & White Devil - Monokuma

Can Only Deal 1 Damage - Sans

Assistant Branch Chief of Aether Paradise - Wicke

Breaking Sheilds and Taking Names - Mister Saturn

Warrior from Star Road - Geno

Get in the bag Nebby! - Lillie & Cosmog

The Best 24-Year-Old Ever! - Scott Pilgrim

Low-ranking Nobody - Dusk Nobody

The Capable Keyblade Wielder - Sora

The Nocturnus Clan's Most Powerful Gizoid - Emerl

Gun Gale Online's Best Sniper - Sinon

The Obsidian Armored Opposer - Black Knight

Test Subject #1 - Chell

Scotland's Sexiest Succubus - Morrigan

The Mega Militant - Mega Blaziken

The Sage of Shadow - Impa

The Punching Bag No Longer - Toad

Prince of the Saiyans - Vegeta

Anakin Skywalker - Darth Vader

The Half Human Hero - Kratos

Cunning God of Death - Ridley

The Princess of Osohe Castle - Kumatora

Destroyer of All that is Evil - Nitroplus

Evolved by Doctor Neo Cortex - Crash

The One-Winged Angel - Sephiroth

The Peppy Pink Squirrel of Smashville - Peanut

Lord of Everything - Zen-Oh

Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates - Nami

The Ancient Demon - Shadow Queen

Representative of the Star Sprites - Starlow

Stage magician Student - Trucy

Anit Hero of the Robot Masters - Bass

Queen Bee - Vespiquen

Former leader of Fenrir Special Forces Blood - Julius

Mr. Masters - Ken

Sworn Enemy of the Galactic Federation - Sylux

A Guild Member from a Basilicom - If

The Shadow Hunter - Noel

The Ultimate Life Form - Shadow

Commander in the Forces of Nature - Phosphora

The Bullet Weilding Blasphemy - Bullet

The Legendary Assassin - Hit

The Nameless Namekian - Piccolo

The Hundred Man Slayer - Guts

Cackletta's Most Best Pupil - Fawful

Guardian of Cities Worldwide - Karas

The Dark Slayer - Vergil

Everyone's Uncle and Grandpa - Uncle Grandpa

The Gluten Guardian - The Loaf

Former Guardian General - Asura

The God of Destruction - Chaos

An Abomination - Zero Suit Ridley

The Boss of Team Skull - Guzma

The White Mobile Suit - Gundam RX-78-2

Level 3 Research Associate Scientist - Gordon Freeman

The Blue Bubble Balancing Act - Popplio

The Beam Bringer - Waddle Doo

Sunny Little Dragon - Yang

Dr. Eggman's own Gizoid - Gemerl

The Telepath of Star Fox - Krystal

The Ultimate Combination - Vegetto

King of the Universe - King Cold

The Powerhouse of JNPR - Nora

The Voice of Reason - Dunban

The Christmas Comeback Crisis Champion - Smol Nozomi

Klonoa of the Wind - Klonoa

Team Gurren's Best Sniper - Yoko

The Ruler of The Heavens - Sectonia

Leader of the Shy Guy Clan - General Guy

The Dark Destruction - Metal Shadow

2000 IQ Killjoy Detective - Naoto

The Gray Guardian - Metal Silver

Guardian of the Master Emerald - Knuckles

The Flying Fox - Tails

The Limbless Legend - Rayman


The Spiny Armor Survivor - Chesnaught

The Green Mantis Scythe Swinger - Scyther

The Swarming Stinging Sniper - Beedrill

The Frost Tree Fury - Abomasnow

The Single Horn Swarm - Heracross

The Damp Duck - Golduck

The Shap Clawed Pickpocket - Weavile

The Light Metal Pressure Pincer - Scizor

The Awesome Aqua Rabbit - Azumarill

The New Species - Mew

The Skin Shedding Hoodlum - Scrafty

The Infiltrating Ninja - Ninjask

The Mischievous Magician - Hoopa

The Blaze Magician - Delphox

The Overgrown Arrow Quill Shooter - Decidueye

The Luring Lamp - Chandelure

The Carbon Compressed Carbink - Diancie

The Steadfast Blade Brandisher - Gallade

The Purple Paleozoic Punisher - Genesect

The Defiant Sword Blade - Bisharp

The DNA Divinity - Deoxys

The Battle Armored Bone Keeper - Marowak

The Keen Eyed Wild Duck - Farfetch'd

The Drought Bringing Continental Colossus - Groudon


The God of Destruction of Universe 7 - Beerus

The Inquisitive Egg Roller - Billy Hatcher

Toad Brigade Captain - Captain Toad

King of Games - Yugi

Founder of New Hyrule - Tetra

The Faceless Combatant - Fighting Wire Frame

King of Crystal Palace - Crystal King

One Cool Kong - Funky Kong

The Terror of Death - Haseo

The Flower of JNPR - Ren

The Red Runner - Super Meat Boy

The Mixed Metal Marionette - Red/Blue/Yellow Alloy

The Ultimate Fusion - Gogeta

2nd Division Commander of the White Beard Pirates - Ace

The Spellcasting Sidekick - Dark Magician Girl

The Invincible Girl - Pyrrha

The Shady Ant Lover - Jouji

The Dark One - Dimentio

Ballpark Heroine - Ninten

The Great Destroyer - Dr. Doom

Chimera Servant of the Pigmask Army - Masked Man

Songstress of Koholint Island - Marin

The World's Champion - Mr. Satan

Child of the Prophecy - Sasuke

Dr Cortex's Failed Experiment - Ripper Roo

The Pilgrim - Tali

The Result of the Age-reversing Rune - Purah

The Rabbit Thief of the Mushroom Kingdom - Nabbit

The Clown of Fast Food - Ronald

The King of Darkness - King D-Mind

The Solar Powered Turbo Charged Washing Machine - Metal Head

The Little Learner - Baby Luigi

The PSIless Engineer - Jeff

The Samurai from the Past - Samurai Jack

Sento-In The Nun - Aya

The Shadowed Spellcaster - Black Mage

The Dark Destruction - Infinite

The Legendary Wind Rider - Jet

Patrol of the Ocean King - Phantom

The Leader of the Deadly Six - Zavok


The Vital Vitriol Vendor - Plague Knight

Master Hand Jr. - Glover

The Humming Swordsman - Brook

Youngest Sister of the Shadow Sirens - Vivian

Rogueport's Resident Tattle Tale - Goombella

The Gambling Gunner - Nick

The Bassist of Savannah - Ellis

Light of the Revolution - Robin

Symbol of Peace - All Might

The Spirit of the Desert - Flygon

The Competitively Cute Charmer - Wigglytuff

Heir of Breath - John Egbert

The Mini Meteor - Minior

Wielder of the Outsider's Power - Zael

The Great Gonzalez - Paper Mario

Landroll Ranger - Opoona

The Scooter Specialist - Scoot

A Teacher of Shujin Academy - Kawakami

Virtual Hottie With a Great Body - Meme-Chan

The Soaring Shoebills of Skyloft - Loftwing

The Avatar - Korra

Kill Kill Kill - Ethel

The Murderous Mecha Machine - Mecha Sonic


Skeletal Koopa Troopa - Dry Bones

The Drought Bringer - Mega Charizard Y

The Blue Bomber - Poppy Bros. Jr.

Brownie Charles - Charlie Brown

Bearer of the Red Bag - Tinky Winky

Bartender of Moe's Tavern - Moe

King of Twilight - Zant

The Pride of Universe 11 - Jiren

Ultimate Lucky Student - Nagito

Bad Luck Bringer - Qrow

Cannon Fodder Champion - Slime

Member of Phantom Thieves of Hearts - Morgana

Twilight Princess - Midna

Shrine Maiden of Paradise  - Reimu Hakurei

Child of the Prophecy - Naruto

Freygarður Geirtryggur Þjóðleifur Lúthersdóttir - Pink Guy

All feedback is appreciated.


  • 9mo This is actually extremely helpful since there are a few that I just dont know what to put.  Great Job with these.  We have a lot of similar ones but here are a few of mine that are noteworthy.

    Elecman - Twisted Thunder

    Zero - The Legendary Freedom Fighter

    Chrom - Descendant of the Hero-King

    Linkle - The Girl in the Green Tunic

    Young Link - The Boy Without a Fairy

    Doc Louis - Ex-Heavyweight Boxing Champion

    Impa - The Sage of Shadow

    Ridley - Cunning God of Death

    Shadow Queen - The Ancient Demon

    Ken - Mr. Masters
  • 9mo For Dry Bowser's alias, I'm using the following...

    The Undead Koopa King Texture & Moveset Editor
  • 9mo How about Ice Queen for Weiss ? Newcomer
  • 9mo "The Blaze Magician - Palutena"

    I think you mean Delphox. Team Marie shall stay fresh!
  • 9mo Here are a few of mine, if you fancy:

    Dixie Kong - The Girl with the Whirl
    Shadow Queen - Possessed Princess
    Dry Bowser - Back from the grave!
    Bass - Fighting is his Forte Grand Vizier
  • 7mo For Funky Kong, I just put Major Bummer because I was trying to find phrases from the character itself.
  • 7mo

The Boxing Ring is a stage that appears in both Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It is set in a stadium with two flat areas on either side and the ring in the center, as well as a jumbotron-like screen and a scrolling LED sign in the background. The stadium features a psychedelic light show that takes place in the background of the stage, including green krypton laser effects, and pyrotechnics.

While based on the Punch-Out!! series, the stage also features a Super Smash Bros.-themed design, and its design is randomly chosen each match. The Punch-Out!! version is based on the World Circuit boxing ring from the Punch-Out!! game for Wii, while the Super Smash Bros. version of the the ring is colored blue with the Super Smash Bros. symbol on the platform. In the Nintendo 3DS version, holding while selecting the Boxing Ring manually selects the Super Smash Bros. version of the stage, and holding selects the Punch-Out!! version.[1] In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, holding down the button loads the Super Smash Bros. variant, while holding down loads the Punch-Out!! variant.

The ropes surrounding the ring spring fighters up when jumped on, and can be used to reach the lights above the stage. However, if the lights are attacked numerous times, it will fall onto the main ring and damage anyone underneath it.

The Final Destination variant of this theme is set on an elevated boxing ring. The ropes around the ring are not present, and the overhead lights are a background object. This version of the stage also has Punch-Out!! and Super Smash Bros. variants, which can be chosen through the same method listed above.

In the Wii U version, the fighters will have a nickname on the jumbotron. For example, if the player uses Little Mac, then his nickname is "Bruiser from the Bronx". Additionally, if a character has a Final Smash in the Wii U version, the scrolling LED sign will say "Chance!" instead of "Punch-Out!!" or "Smash Bros." The same applies for getting a KO, which will say "K.O." on both the sign and the jumbotron as well as sending the match into Sudden Death, which will say "Sudden Death" on the jumbotron.

Fighter nicknames[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the jumbotron in the background will occasionally display two fighters as well as nicknames for them. They are as follows:

Character Title PAL Region Title
MarioMr. Video Game Himself Smashes Bricks with his Fists
LuigiThe Eternal Understudy Lean, Green Fighting Machine
PeachPrincess of Toadstools Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
BowserKing of the Koopas King of the Koopas
YoshiOmnivore of the Year He's not Yolking Around
Rosalina & LumaThe Cosmic Travelers Cosmic Travellers
Bowser Jr.Prince of the Koopas Like Father, like Son
LarryThe Youngest Leader of the Seven Minions
WendyThe Bold Beauty Bold, Bossy and Big Headed
RoyThe Cool One Fear the Shades
IggyThe Laughing Prankster The Laughing Prankster
MortonThe Enforcer He'll make you see Stars
LemmyWacky War Machine Let's get Wacky
LudwigPompous Prodigy Pompous Prodigy
WarioScoundrel with a Fart of Gold A Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold
Donkey KongKing of the Jungle King of the Jungle
Diddy KongThe Acrobat Trigger Happy with his Peanut Popgun
Mr. Game & WatchMaster of Two Dimensions Master of Two Dimensions
Little MacBruiser from the Bronx The only Numbers he knows are One-Two
LinkHero of Hyrule Hero of Hyrule
ZeldaHyrule's Wise Princess Hyrule's Wise Princess
SheikThe Elusive Sheikah A Sheikah shrouded in Mystery
GanondorfThe King of Darkness King of Evil
Toon LinkWind-Waking Warrior Wave-Riding, Wind-Waking Warrior
Samus AranBounty Hunter Extraordinaire Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire
Zero Suit SamusThe Warrior Within Low Armour, high Agility
PitCaptain of Lady Palutena's Guard Lady Palutena's Captain of the Guard
PalutenaGoddess of Light Goddess of Light
MarthThe Hero-King The Legendary Hero-King
IkeThe Radiant Hero of Legend The Radiant Hero
RobinThe Tactician Magician Tome Toting Strategist
Duck HuntBark, Quack, Boom! The Most Unlikely of Partnerships
KirbyThe Pink Puffball Gritty in Pink
King DededeThe King of Dream Land Says he's King and that's that
Meta KnightThe Masked Swordsman The Masked Swordsman
FoxLeader of Star Fox Never gives up! Trusts his Instincts!
FalcoProud Space Ace Proud Space Ace
PikachuPika Pika! The Electric Mouse Pokémon
CharizardBlazing Fury Blazing Fury
LucarioMaster of Aura Exudes Power
JigglypuffThe Sleepy Singer The Delightful Balloon Pokémon
GreninjaMaster of Stealth The Unpredictable Ninja Pokémon
R.O.B.The Last of His Kind Robotic Obliterating Buddy
NessThe PSI Powerhouse The PSI Powerhouse
Captain FalconThe Supersonic Slugger Supersonic F-Zero Pilot
VillagerMayor of Smashville Mayor of Smashville
OlimarVeteran Astronaut Veteran Astronaut
Alph Astronaut in Training Novice Explorer, Engineering Pro
Wii Fit Trainer (female) Yoga Warrior She'll Make You Feel the Burn
Wii Fit Trainer (male) The BMI Bandit He'll Blast your Core
ShulkThe Visionary Has Visions of Victory
Dr. MarioThe Prescriber Fists Full of Medicine
Dark PitDark-Winged Doppelgӓnger Dark-Winged Doppelgӓnger
LucinaWarrior from a Doomed Future Defiant of Destiny
Pac-ManThe Yellow Bane of Ghosts Ghost Gobbler
Mega ManBlue Metal Hero The Blue Bomber
SonicThe Blue Blur Speed is his Game
MewtwoA Legend Reawakens
LucasBoy from Nowhere
RoyThe Young Lion
RyuTireless Wanderer
CloudSOLDIER 1st Class
CorrinBlood of Dragons
BayonettaUmbra Witch
Mii BrawlerThe Brawler of Many Faces
Mii GunnerThe Gunner of Many Faces
Mii SwordfighterThe Swordfigther of Many Faces


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Name Source Credits
Jogging / Countdown Punch-Out!!Arrangement: Kumi Tanioka
Composition: Nintendo
Minor Circuit Punch-Out!! (Wii)Original

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Name Source Credits Requirements
Jogging / Countdown Punch-Out!! (NES) Arrangement: Kumi Tanioka
Composition: Nintendo
Minor Circuit Punch-Out!! (NES) Arrangement: Koji Hayama
Composition: Nintendo
Minor Circuit Punch-Out!! (Wii) Original Collect CD
Title (Punch-Out!!) Punch-Out!! (Wii) Clear Solo Classic without losing a single life while playing as Little Mac
World Circuit Theme Punch-Out!! (Wii)
Culdcept CuldceptArrangement: Kenji Ito
Composition: Kenji Ito
Shin Onigashima Medley Super Smash Bros. Brawl
(Shin Onigashima)
Arrangement: Masafumi Takada
Composition: Nintendo
Tomorrow's Passion Captain RainbowOriginal


  • Stage Select icon of the Boxing Ring.

  • The Boxing Ring as it appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

  • The jumbotron showing Sudden Death on the screen.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Tokusetsu ringu
Special Ring
SpanishCuadriláteroBoxing Ring
FrenchRing de boxeBoxing Ring
GermanBoxringBoxing Ring
ItalianIl RingRing
Korean특설 링
Teukseol Ring
Special Ring


  1. ^(Translated) Miiverse post by Masahiro Sakurai on September 29, 2014. Retrieved September 29, 2014.

The Super Smash Bros. (left) and Punch-Out!! (right) variants of the Boxing Ring in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

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