Why Do We Write Essays

For most Chinese students studying in the US, the question ‘why do we write essays’ has become a concern with no clear reasons as to why this virtue is emphasized in college. Writing essays has become a common way of expressing thoughts, experiences and ideas. Producing words makes it possible for you to discuss different topics in a better manner. The act of writing essays also plays a crucial role in ensuring that you maintain an analytical and logical way of understanding and learning new and effective things in your daily life.

Through essay writing you get to learn new and effective ways of expressing yourself. The majority of Chinese students who come to the USA to study have cultural and language difficulties that can be sorted out with your practice in completing writing assignments. How? Let’s see.

Writing essays:

1. Improves the Fluency of Language

As a Chinese student, writing essays can help you to better express yourself. It is possible with improving your writing and communication skills in general and by perfecting your grammar and spelling skills. It will provide you with a chance to perfectly fit in the American student society.

2. Reforms the Way You Structure Your Sentences

Another reason as to why to write essays is that academic papers always require students to write in a clear and precise manner. This is a very important aspect as it promotes proper language understanding between Chinese students and their professors as well as future business or work correspondence. With this skill you can easily get jobs as Chinese-English translators among other careers.

3. Teaches You to Deliver Your Arguments Clearly

Writing essays especially on argumentative topics provides you as a Chinese student with an advanced skill of proving your own point. This means that you will be an effective speaker: you will be able to express your opinions effectively and they are likely to be taken into account.

4. Gives You a Chance to Explore Your Creative Side

Why do you have to write essays? Because developing your ability to craft a sense bearing text makes you more creative in terms of word organization and delivering the key message. You learn to render different meaning using various word combinations which also must attract the attention of your professors and this all demands a great deal of creativity.

There are so many advantages that you as an international student can gain from writing essays. Chinese students studying in the USA might think that essay writing is just a way to make their educational life difficult. But this is not the case since essay writing has enormous benefits that are likely to increase your personality development.

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This question is a little different from the previous 400-plus Student Opinion questions we’ve asked, because this question is in honor of the National Day on Writing, and we’re asking the whole world to answer it.

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Why do you write?

Because I am a spider and words are my silk. This morning I balloon into your feeds

2 get 10 years worth of stories out of my head.

Because I sound smarter when I write than when I speak.

I write because writing is crack, and I’m an addict.

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