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The Green Mile
Frank Darabont (writer-director-producer) in 1999, returned to the director’s chair for the first time in five years. Darabont, who not only directed Shawshank Redemption, but adapted it from a Stephen King story, followed the exact same path with The Green Mile. The film was released by Warner Bros. Pictures, and Produced by Castle Rock Entertainment, Darkwoods Productions, and Warner Bros. David Valdes is the producer, David Tattersall, B.S.C. is the director of photography, Terence Marsh is the production designer, and Richard Francis-Bruce is the film editor.
Thomas Newman is the composer of The Green Mile, who has had the distinct honor of collecting his first two Academy Award nominations for Best Dramatic Score in…show more content…

Into their midst comes John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), a mountainous but child-like black man, convicted of murdering two small children, but whose demeanour leads Edgcomb to believe that Coffey is innocent. For a while, life on the green mile remains normal, until the day it transpires that Coffey possesses the ability to heal people through the power of touch.
The Green Mile is a 3-hour film of two halves: firstly, painting a vivid portrait of life on death row, and the trivialities that brighten up the lives of the people who live and die there. The second half of the movie is given to exploring Coffey himself: his past, his crime, and his powers. He is initially misunderstood by those around him, is convicted of a crime he did not commit, he greatly enriches the lives of those around him, and is eventually executed for refusing to proclaim his own innocence.
Much of Thomas Newman’s music is rooted in the sounds of the deep south, with several interesting cues written for an eclectic ensemble including such weird and wonderful instruments as a bowed travelling guitar, a Vietnamese banjo, a jaw harp, bass marimbas, a tonut and the omnipresent saz. Occasionally, the music attains a kind of hypnotic sensibility that draws the listener in, but at other times it

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The Green Mile For my third quarter book report I read The Green Mile written by Stephen King. This book is about an old man, Paul Edgecomb, recalling his experiences when he worked as the cell block captain in Cold Mountain state penitentiary. Paul was the cell block captain of death row in this Alabama correctional institute.

This story takes place in a nursing home. The narrator Paul is writing a book about when he was cell block captain in 1932. During the time he is writing his book he points out how people never change, how there is always the bully, and so on. He compares writing the book to a time machine. Both seem to take him back to 1932, and every lasdetail is clear.

This book made me feel involved. As the reader…show more content…

Stephan King does an excellent job using many detail, and sensory images. The title fits the book perfectly. On death row Paul describes the floor as being a lime Green, and death row is often called the mile. Therefore, in this book Paul and the other death row guards call their territory the Green Mile. Another reason this is a good title is because more than three fourths of the book takes place on the Green Mile. Not only is the Green Mile the name of the cell block that Paul and the other guards head, but in this book it is referred to as an idea. The Green Mile is used as a synonym to the road of death. During his account of what happened in 1932, he speaks of a gift he has earned.

This gift keeps him from dying in a timely fashion. So the end of the book after he has wrote his book his, and has nothing left to live for he comments on the gift he has, and says "but sometimes, oh God, the Green Mile is so long". Back in 1932 a prisoner arrived on the Green Mile, his name was John Coffey. He was a well built, tall, could not remember much, and was African American. He was found guilty of murdering, and raping two young girls. Because he was African American, in Alabama, in 1932 he had no chance of being acquitted. On top of that, he was found with the victims in his arms. After he was in on the Green Mile for a while, Paul wondered if this man could have committed such a violent crime. Paul discovered John Coffey had a healing power. Then after

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