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The Importance of Freedom Many of us take freedom for granted. Many of us tend to forget the hardships and sacrifices our forefathers of freedom went through. Many of us fail to cherish and value our granted freedom. Many of us do not apprehend the full meaning of freedom. However, a few among the society realize the value of such a bestowment. Our Freedom today exists as of the actions of those who believed that it was a necessity to live by and disallowing it is a relic of days more barbarous than ours.

But those mere sentences will never illustrate to us the hardships and rigorous tasks undertaken to give us our freedom. At a time many of our forefathers took up arms…show more content…

Yet a year after these horrible events countless innocent Iraqi civilians are thrown in jails. Yet a year after these horrible events innocent Iraqi prisoners are dragged like dogs on leashes and sexually assaulted. In a desperate bid for freedom, Iraqis assembled themselves into armed militant forces. They have been ceaselessly fighting the occupational forces demanding their withdrawal. Many Iraqis support the militants’ causes because they deem foreigners to be as faceless and heartless monsters. The Iraqi people yet stand- alone in the mist of their battle for freedom and are overshadowed by the forces of evil- yet they do not give up hope. For hope is all they have.

Likewise individuals in Canada fought for their freedom but they resorted to less extensive measures. The famous five- Emily Murphy, Henrietta Edwards, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby, and Nellie McClung- fought Person’s Case peacefully. Years of petitions, campaigns, and letters were futile when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that “persons” were males. Can you believe that at the dawn of the twentieth century women were not even considered persons! In another last bid for victory, they petitioned the Privy Council of the Britain to interpret section 24 of the British North America act. On October 18, 1929, the taste of victory was close, when a

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