Hardscape Work Definition Essay

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For over fifty years, TDH Landscaping has had the ultimate goal of providing each individual client’s landscape with a personal, curated touch – all while offering the education and knowledge to keep their home’s outdoor areas consistently beautiful during every season.

Throughout Maryland, we are well-known for our unique and innovative landscape designs, catering to your personal needs and vision. One of our landscape design specialties is in hardscape design, for which we offer a wide-ranging spectrum of separate constructions that can be fit into almost any outdoor layout. Even if you haven’t yet considered a well-built hardscape into your finished landscape design, there are numerous benefits and effortless ways that we can assist you in integrating them for an elegant, functional look. As part of a finished landscape design, hardscapes can provide a long-term increase of property value, and don’t require the consistent care and maintenance of your garden areas. When helping design your landscape project vision, we can educate you on proper hardscape placement, taking advantage of their numerous benefits. Aside from expanding your outdoor living space for relaxation and entertaining, the right hardscape can add new textures and colors for outdoor areas. Hardscapes also work to create additional shaded spots throughout the property and can be catered to guide a flow of foot traffic and movement along the landscape itself. If you’ve been dreaming of installing a beautiful swimming pool for you and your family, we offer custom swimming pool design and construction management services. TDH can seamlessly blend your new pool into the environment. We partner with the highest-quality pool companies to oversee your entire project. Depending upon the goals you have in mind for a landscape project that you’ve been planning, we can educate you in what hardscapes have the potential to make your vision even more vibrant and functional – as well as which ones may work together to truly use your landscape’s space to emphasize its full natural beauty. Almost any landscape can benefit from the proper landscape lighting , and outdoor kitchens and fire-pits are ideal for entertaining. Let us guide you to make the most out of your design!

Our clients work with knowledgeable and experienced professionals who provide a wide range of landscape construction and landscape stone design including:

  • Garden ponds
  • Container gardening for decks & patios
  • Landscaping lighting
  • Patios & raised terraces
  • Transplanting
  • Outdoor kitchen installation
  • Built-in grills & bars
  • Fireplaces & fire pits
  • Swimming pools
  • Porches & decks
  • Gazebos & pergolas
  • Steps, walks & driveways
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor entertainment systems

Are you located in the counties of Baltimore, Harford, Howard or Anne Arundel and have a unique, personal landscaping or hardscaping project in mind? Call TDH Landscaping at 410-692-0050 and speak with a landscaping consultant directly or fill out our Contact form on this page or email us at sales@tdhnl.com for a free consultation and let us provide all the education and services to make your dream a reality.


­If you ever watch any of the myriad of house-flipping shows on TV, you probably recognize the importance of landscaping in curb appeal -- or how attractive a house looks to a passer-by on the street. You can spend a fortune designing the interior of a home, but if the lawn is in shambles or just plain boring, you won't draw in a lot of interested buyers. Even if you aren't selling your house, you'd be amazed at how you can fall in love with it all over again by redesigning the lawn. The home suddenly becomes warmer and more inviting. However, don't make the mistake of thinking you can plant a few flowers and be done with it.

Although vegetation is certainly important, it's just one element of landscaping. The other is known as hardscaping, also called hard landscaping. As opposed to the plant life in a yard, which is called softscaping, hardscaping has to do with all the nonplant design elements of a yard. In other words, all the paved walkways, walls, patios, fences, lawn ornaments and rocks constitute your lawn's hardscape. Hardscaping represents the foundation and anchor of landscaping plans. You should plan your hardscaping carefully and implement it before starting to softscape.

Hardscaping incorporates several design elements to enhance the appearance of your yard. It provides a fluid continuity from your home's interior to the yard and from your yard to the surrounding landscape. The solidity and permanence of hardscape also offers an aesthetic contrast to the vulnerable and transient vegetation.

We sh­ould note that under its strictest definition, hardscaping encompasses all deliberately positioned inanimate outdoor surfaces. This includes public sidewalks, streets and even parking lots. Nevertheless, designers typically use the term to refer to home landscaping, and that is what this article mainly focuses on. General principles and materials, however, apply to all types of hardscape.

Like urban hardscaping, lawn hardscaping isn't just about aesthetics. Hardscaping serves some very useful and practical functions. We'll start by looking at some of these before we go into the details of artistic design.­

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