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Totalitarianism in Brave New World Essay

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The formative years of the 1900’s, suffered from communism, fascism, and capitalism. The author of the Brave New World, Mr. Aldous Huxley lived in a social order in which he had been exposed to all three of these systems. In the society of the Brave New World, which is set 600 years into the future, individuality is not condoned and the special motto “Community, Identity, Stability” frames the structure of the Totalitarian Government.
The Brave New World “community” is divided into five castes ranging from the Alphas, who are the most intellectually superior, and ending with the Epsilons who are the most intellectually inferior. “Identity” is portrayed in the “Conditioning Center,” where babies are not born but made then separated into…show more content…

There are no wastes in the New World. Everything is put to good use, even the dead. This belief that everything should be put to good use was an idea of Ford who created the T-model vehicle, which is also a major symbol in the Brave New World. In this world, people replace the sign of the cross with the “T” sign. By the time of the creation of this model, communities began to complain because cars were harmful to nature. Cleverly, Ford told the community that cars allow people to experience and love nature. Ford used nature as an incentive to buy a car. The Brave New World’s political system is similar to communism. In the communism system, leaders attempt to try and control everyone and their way of thinking.
The Brave New World portrays the perfect society, where citizens of “Utopia” live a life without depression, and any socioeconomic problems. In the New World, every portion of life is controlled. Only when a person is able to dig deeper inside of himself will he find that this world is nothing close to perfect. Drugs, sex, and mind games control this world and solve any problems that may arise, such as overpopulation, and caste tension. The usage of such tactics causes a loss of individuality.
The people of the New World are used to meet the needs of the state. Individuality seems unreachable because everybody has been trained and conditioned to think alike. The motto “Community, Identity, Stability” shows the lack of importance for individuals. The people

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Orwell’s Totalitarian Government in 1984 Essay

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George Orwell’s key objective throughout his novel, 1984, was to convey to his readers the imminent threat of the severe danger that totalitarianism could mean for the world. Orwell takes great measures to display the horrifying effects that come along with complete and dominant control that actually comes along with totalitarian government. In Orwell’s novel, personal liberties and individual freedoms that are protected and granted to many Americans today, are taken away and ripped from the citizen’s lives. The government takes away freedom and rights from the people so that the ruling class (which makes up the government), while reign with complete supremacy and possess all power. George Orwell declared himself as a Socialist, and he…show more content…

Using his remarkable writing skills, Orwell published 1984 in hopes that he would be able to demonstrate to his readers that a communist government would lead to a totalitarian reign over all of society.
In Orwell’s novel he creates a fictional society in which the government rules all the people and holds complete power over everyone. The government is referred to as ‘The Party’ and they depict themselves and flawless, generous, and so very helpful to all of mankind. They feed the people lies and tell them that without them (The Party), the citizens would be hopeless and could not possibly survive. The government holds onto their widespread power by instilling fear upon all citizens. They openly let the people know that they have spies hidden everywhere, and they have various technological devices that will ensure that every person is acting exactly how the government wants them to. For example, the ‘telescreen’ was a device that was mandatory in every citizen’s house and was installed by the government. It was basically a video recorder that could watch a person’s every move, as well as read off important news from the government rulers. The main character in Orwell’s novel, Winston Smith, expresses his thoughts about the telescreen by realizing that “at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live -- did live, from habit that became instinct -- in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and,

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