Eth302s Assignment 1

ETH302S Ass. 02Student No. 551706091.1The Education system at the various levels may cause barriers to learning. According to Landsberg et al, (2016), the various levels are the national level, provincial level, district level, and the school. According to Bronfenbrenner (Landsberg et al, 2016), there are systems that affect an individual’s development and the four levels explained in this essay fall within the systems described by Bronfenbrenner through his bioecological model. The national, provincial, and district levels all fall in the exosystem of the bioecological model, while the school falls in the mesosystem. Though all these levels have their benefits, they have aspects explained in this essay, which may cause barriers to learning. At the national level, the delay in addressing and resolving weaknesses in the education system has left many educators exasperated, lacking motivation. Thisfact slows down and demotivates the teachers creating a breakdown of the flow of solutions from the national level to the schools. A prime example is that as the worldevolves, coupled with the fast moving technology, the race is on to try and keep up with the technological trends. However, if the national Department of Education does not keep the teachers trained, then the learners will not be taught in effective ways.The provincial level, which serves to implement policies that have been passed by the national department, is also key. However, it also has flaws the may cause barriers to learning. The fact that there is no harmony and uniformity among the nine provinces in South Africa plays on the effective functioning of each province. A good example of this is that the financial injection for each province is different, which can be the difference between having an effective remedial class or nothing, due to availability of funds.The district level is more engaged with the school through teams that manage the inclusive education in the district. These teams work with various stakeholders such as therapists, psychologists and other professional institutions to implement their programs. However, a lack in these professionals and institutions

ETH302S Inclusive Education A – Semester 1


ETH302S Inclusive Education A

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ETH302S Inclusive Education A allows students to gain insight into the Inclusive education policy on learners who experience barriers to learning and development; the nature of the barriers to learning and development; early identification and continuous assessment; centre-of-learning-based learning support and the education network of support on the different levels.

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