Writing A Law Dissertation Topics

The public law is a vast field, one which can be applied to a great many circumstances and situations. Writing something that helps to progress academic understanding of public law is a great accomplishment. A thesis on public law is something which is designed to advance academic understanding of this domain. In doing so, you should take it upon yourself to cover not only something you are passionate about, but also something that will interest your readers. It is best to find the solutions that deal with an existing problem or provide answers to existing questions.

So, if you need legal thesis topics to reach those goals, look through the list:

  1. How Lawyers Are Being Replaced by Automated Online Forms
  2. The FBI and Public Law: How the FBI Is Circumventing Laws by Hiring Japanese Third Parties to Hack Phones
  3. How IRS Laws Give Tax Breaks to the Wealthy: Why People Are Kept out of the Loop about Breaks Available to the Masses
  4. Freedom of Speech for Terrorists: How Freedom of Speech Does Not Exist When a Government Feels It Is Threatened
  5. Why Family Law Courts Favor Mothers in Modern Society: The Tragedy of Fathers in Custody Battles
  6. For-Profit Prison System: How to Stop the Corruption
  7. Socio-Economic Differences: How Police Treat Poor People Differently
  8. Racial Differences: How the Public Laws Treat People Differently
  9. The Prosecution of Top-Tier Officials: Whether Post-Conflict Justice Is Served after New Presidents Are Elected
  10. State Laws: Why Harmful Historic Laws Remain in Operation
  11. Exploring the Most Effective Public Law: Your Personal Favorite
  12. How to Best Change Current Public Law Legislation
  13. The Ability of the Federal Government to Circumvent Standard Legal Proceedings
  14. The Problem with Police: How Police Officers Protect Their Own without Realizing It
  15. Inequality: Why Government Leaders Are Not Prosecuted but Everyday Citizens Are
  16. Pardoning Criminals: How Presidents Wield Their Power
  17. Indictments: Why Top Tier Politicians Are Not Indicted for Federal Crimes They Commit
  18. Spying on Its Citizens: How the US Ignores Public Law without Legal Ramifications
  19. How Public Law Side-Steps Freedoms and It Serves the Government
  20. How Public Laws from Other Countries of Your Choosing Could Better Public Laws in the US

This list is only meant as a guide for your writing process. It is in your best interest to select a broad topic at the beginning of your writing process and work to refine it thereafter. As you begin to read and research your topic you can narrow down the list even further. Remember that organization is paramount to this process so being organized at the start can help you to reduce your stress levels as you go forward. As you search for a topic, make sure you use materials from your previous course work including papers you wrote, notes you have taken, and textbooks. Advice you received from your advisor is priceless. You never know what resources you might be given.

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10 Outstanding Dissertation Topics In Law You Should Consider

To any student of law, the vastness of the field of law is vividly evident. There are numerous variations to the study of law, these may include: philosophical legal theory, common law, religious law, civil law, international law, criminal law, contract law, tort law, property law, trust law et cetera. After a certain amount of time spent in law school, every law student begins to see the consideration and the application of the comprehensive legal frameworks in the everyday, mundane and humdrum life events that would otherwise have seemed commonplace. An excellent idea, therefore, for law school dissertations is to take into consideration one such common event that often transpires in daily routines, and assess the legal principle that engender it.

What Do Law Schools Look For In A Dissertation

Law is practical and comprehensive, and significantly scholarly. Ergo, a law school dissertation should have compelling essays written after careful research and homework that not only considers the legality of the subject matter, but offers a thesis with keen insights, and should additionally offer solutions is a problem is presented. Furthermore, one should be able to adequately defend the work produced.

10 outstanding dissertation topics in law you should consider

  1. The impact of war on terror on international criminal law and its implications on the state and national legal framework and its constitutionality.
  2. A comparative analysis of the English Sales law and the Vienna Convention On Contracts For The Sale Of International Goods and its implications for pragmatic drafting of international contracts.
  3. The role of police as a collaborative government agency that works in an inter-agency capacity to facilitate the proactive apprehension of enemy combatant or enemy entities and agents and its constitutionality.
  4. The implications of the right to life and the silent practices of euthanasia in hospitals and hospices, and the morality involved in the apparent violation of the right to live.
  5. The legality of the right to bear arms while considering the original context in which the constitution was amended to give the citizens the right.
  6. The legality, morality and ethical obligations involved in the hostile takeovers of undervalued and/or non-performing assets.
  7. A critical analysis of the outsourcing policies of private sector banks under international and tort laws.
  8. A case study of the criminal detention system and the apparent anomalies with gender/race profiling of suspects.
  9. A critique on the freedoms of citizens and their implications.
  10. The need for reforms in cyber laws to maintain net-neutrality.
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