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As I look back on my presentation and the preparation that when into it I am amazed by the amount I’ve leaned from this one small exercise. This was my first proper presentation in a long time therefore I didn’t have much practice presenting in the last few years and had to do a lot of work preparing for it. Although there was a lot of work in preparing for this exercise, improvements can always be made.

Before I started this exercise I really didn’t know the amount of work that would go into a presentation. I thought I could put together a presentation in 20 minutes and look over it once and be ready to present it. I now know that this isn’t realistic if you want to make a good presentation. My slide show alone took nearly an hour to decide what was going to go into it and make it. I then had to look over it and look into things I was going to say during each slide as the slides contained only small bullet points that needed to be further explained. Usually a lot more time would have to go into researching the topic of the presentation as I was very familiar with the topic and only had to research some small parts concerning the history of the sport and a how big the NFL is in the world.

In the rest of this reflection I am going to write reflecting on different parts of my presentation and how I could have done it better and improve it for the next time.

I definitely found that to make a presentation on a topic the presenter must have an interest and a great knowledge of the topic. I didn’t think this was a problem with my presentation as we were allowed to make the presentation on any topic we wished so I could pick a topic I was very interested and had a good knowledge of. For future presentations I believe more research must go into the topic if I am not so familiar with it.

I also found that if visual aid is going to be used for the presentation, like a power point presentation a lot of work has to go into developing and making sure that the visual aid isn’t the whole presentation and that you have other notes to help with it. It is also important that if visual aid is going to be used you make sure that it will work at the time of the presentation. I didn’t think this was a big problem with my presentation as I tried to have more things to say than just what was on the slides and after witnessing a power point presentation that didn’t work on the computer I made sure to test mine before the presentation to make sure that everything was working fine.

I found that structure of the presentation is very important so that the audience can follow it and understand the presentation. I had a problem with this in my presentation. My presentation was poorly structured and therefore hard to follow.  For future presentations I will try to pick a structure that will suit my topic.

Finding what information is relevant to a presentation is key so that you make sure that you present all important parts of the topic and don’t make it tedious for the addressees. I had a small problem with this in my presentation. I expanded too much into the structures of the NFL and left out key information about the rules and pitch markings and sizes. For future presentations I will try to make the information in the presentation more relevant to the audience.

Nervousness is a major problem for many people during public speaking. I was a bit nervous during my presentation and I thought that it may have resulted in me leaving out parts of what I was going to say. I think that nervousness is a problem that can only be solved with experience and every presentation I believe that I will get better at dealing with it.

The delivery of the presentation is crucial for its success.  The delivery of my presentation could have been better.  My voice could have been louder and more variant. I think the solution to this problem is to practice more when getting ready for the presentation.

I would like to thank my fellow classmates and lecturer for the feedback I was given for this presentation which helped me write this reflection and improve my presenting skills.

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